Top Ten Pro Fortnite Teams In The World [2020]

Fortnite’s competitive scene will continue to grow as more and more players want to take their game to the next level. Whether it be weekly tournaments hosted by other gamers or tournaments held by Epic themselves, organizations and players want to showcase their skill with every given opportunity.

With that being said, no two players (or teams) are the same. Some organizations are stronger than the others. While every team is good in their own way, it’s clear that some teams are a cut above the rest.

I am here to break down the top teams entering 2020 and the new competitive season.

NRG eSports

It’s easy to see why NRG is at the top of my list. With a roster of Zayt, Symfuhny, EpikWhale, Edgey, MrSavage and benjyfishy, their roster is stacked.

What makes this roster so difficult to play against is their consistency. In any major tournament, a member of NRG will be near the top. They produce champions and NRG has been a threat in competitive gaming for a number of years.

NRG is killing it over in Europe currently and showed solid placement at Cash Cups throughout the season. NRG saw three players in the top 50 for World Cup Solos while also placing 3rd in the World Cup Duos. NRG’s consistency is rarely matched and with this talented of a roster, it’s clear why they are at the top of my list.

Team Liquid 

Team Liquid is going to be one of the more known teams on this list. While they didn’t participate in as many tournaments as other teams, Team Liquid still proved they are one of the strongest organizations in Fortnite.

2019 saw Team Liquid do incredibly well. While they didn’t rake in the dough, they raked in the placements. They competed well in the Secret Skirmish and were contenders through the World Cup qualifiers. In the Champions Solo Cup, they routinely finished in the top 5, with 3rd place and 2nd place finishes.

Their current roster includes Vivid, 72hrs, Chap, Poach, Riversan, Cented, Fiber, and Stretch. Team Liquid can rotate players in and out and still be competitive, which makes them tough to play against.


I have Sentinels third on my list, but I think by the end of 2020 they will be at the top. Their roster includes the likes of Bugha, HighSky, Animal, and Aspect. This group is relatively new to the competitive scene for Fortnite, so I expect them to do huge things in 2020.

The group competed in just 10 tournaments in 2019. As 2020 progresses, I expect Sentinels to place well and tackle on the earnings.

Sentinels place well at tournaments, including Bugha who won the Fortnite World Cup for Solos. If these four are given the opportunity to showcase their skills, their world ranking will improve. 2019 was only a glimpse into what this powerful organization can accomplish.

100 Thieves

Consistency is one of my favorite things about ranking teams and that’s why I have 100 Thieves on this list. What makes an organization stand out isn’t one top placement in a huge tournament, it’s how the team plays during multiple competitions.

I think 100 Thieves is a team well respected in the competitive community. Ceice, Elevate, Arkhram and Falconer are four players that are feared in Fortnite. This group had solid placement throughout 2019, which makes them a top team in 2020.

At the end of 2019, Arkhram and Falconer competed well in the Winter Royale, which I think is a glimpse into what this group can do.

2020 will be huge for this team and I think they will continue to impress this year and moving forward.

FaZe Clan

What I love about FaZe Clan is their ability to sign some of the biggest names in Fortnite. Whether it be as a player, streamer or content creator, FaZe Clan has it all.

They also have top talent on their active roster. Funk, Tilt, Dubs, and Megga are four players that have taken competitive Fortnite by storm. Add in Nate Hill, Bini, Diggy, Ewok and Tennp0 and FaZe Clan has one of the deepest rosters in competitive Fortnite.

They had a really strong showing at the World Cup in both the Solos and Duos tournament. They consistently win Friday Fortnite and have been a top team in Cash Cups. The World Cup showed how strong this group is and I think they could even improve their ranking on this list by the end of 2020.

Team Kungarna

If you follow competitive Fortnite, you know how strong Team Kungarna is. They may not be at the top in terms of money earned, but I think that changes in 2020.

Kungarna has seen its players compete at high levels, including the Fortnite World Cup and Cash Cups. However, arguably their strongest player, Fatch left the organization after competing in the World Cup.

Their roster is still solid, but they need to make a name for themselves once again in 2020. If Fatch was still on their roster, I may have Team Kungarna higher. They have so much potential, which makes me excited to watch them in 2020. Players like Unknown have helped Kungarna make a name for themselves and the organization can only go up in 2020.

Counter Logic Gaming

The reason I have Counter Logic Gaming last on this list is due to their lack of tournaments played in 2019. The group was not active in tournaments, so it’s hard to gauge what they can do at a competitive level.

They ended the year off strong, placing well and earning some money in the Cash Cup, however.

I think this is another team that could take competitive Fortnite by storm. They have a stacked roster that includes the likes of psalm, Leno, Symetrical, and Tocata.

psalm has been apart of CLG for almost a year at this point, while the other three aforementioned names joined late in 2019. I think 2020 will be a breakout year for this group, especially if they have an entire competitive season to do damage. This is looking into the future, but I think CLG will be a top team in 2020 and be highly regarded entering 2021.

Honorable Mentions

Team SoloMid, Ghost Gaming, Lazarus eSports, Vanguard, E11 Gaming, Cooler eSports and Solary.

Did your favorite organization make the list? 2020 promises to be another strong year in the Fortnite community, which makes me excited for the Competitive season. I think Epic games will build off 2019 and I think the teams listed should be dominant this season like they were in 2019.


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