Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Top Skins & How to Unlock Them

I’ll show you a list of the top skins available on Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

Have you ever wanted to play as your favorite superhero (or anti-hero) in Fortnite?

Fortnite x Marvel is now a reality after Epic officially announced this update for August 27.

Meaning, the Battle Pass for Chapter 2 Season 4 is currently available until November 30.

Do you want to get the Marvel-themed characters’ skins before it’s too late?

Follow me.

Top Fortnite Skins of Chapter 2 Season 4

The announcement first appeared as a comic book crossover between several Marvel iconic characters inside of the Fortnite universe. And then, the official “Nexus War” trailer was released.

We see familiar faces and a new spin to the story that makes Season 4 more “marvelous.”

As in previous updates, all the skins/outfits you see on the trailer can be acquired by leveling up the Battle Pass. The more you play, the better rewards you’ll get after purchasing it.

The best thing so far from this season’s battle pass is that every character has its own set of Emotes, Gliders, Harvesting Tools, and Wraps. As well as 3 different foils to play with.

This is how you unlock them:

1. Thor

The skin of “The God of Thunder” is the first one you unlock on this Battle Pass, at level 1. This is probably why you see it so frequently on servers.

His real “God of Thunder” form comes as an unlockable built-in emote, at level 15.

Only after completing Thor’s Awakening Challenges:

* Visit Bifrost marks as Thor. They’re on a hill at the east of Weeping Woods.

* As Thor, deal 100 damage to opponents using the Mjolnir.

* Emote as Thor at mountain top ruins. Find them at the south of Misty Meadows, at the top of a mountain with Nordic-like runic stones.

Foils: Silver style unlocked at level 105, Gold at level 145, and Holo at level 185.

2. Jennifer Walters

She’s almost as strong as the Almighty Hulk. And when transformed as She-Hulk, Miss Jenny Walters does know how to control herself.

You can unlock the standard Jennifer Walters set after level 22

Her “Gamma Overload” built-in emote can be unlocked after reaching Tier 29.

It’s worth mentioning that her Awakening Challenges are relatively easy to beat:

* Visit Jennifer Walter’s office using her as a playable character.

* As Jennifer Walter eliminate 3 Doctor Doom’s henchmen at Pleasant Park.

* Smash some Vases and Emote as Jennifer Walters.

Foils: Silver style unlocked at level 110, Gold at level 150, and Holo at level 190.

A member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The humanoid tree is one of the most beloved characters of both the Marvel comics and the cinematic universe.

3. Groot

Now he is a fan favorite inside Fortnite, for those who unlock the skin after Tier 38.

Things get even better at Tier 46, with the Built-in Emote “Battle Brother” that summons Rocket Racoon to help him in battle.

Get two tasks of the Awakening Challenges done to unlock it:

* Plant a seed on a heart-shaped island as Groot.

* Emote as Groot at a Friendship monument.

Foils: Silver style unlocked at level 115, Gold at level 155, and Holo at level 195.

Extra: Unlock Baby Groot!

Marvel season also brought back, backpack blings like this one, that you can get for free!

To do so, you have to head to Holly Hedges POI and take a look behind the plant pots. Picking up Baby Groot will make it available for you to equip after completing that game.

4. Storm

Who wouldn’t like to play as the lady who summons tornadoes and thunderstorms? Yes, that’s precisely what Storm, the former X-Men leader, is up to.

Her classic white skin outfit is available to all Fornite players at Tier 53 of Battle Pass.

The fun starts when you harness the power of elements with Storm’s “Gale Force” built-in emote, unlockable at tier 60.

Storm’s Awakening Challenges doesn’t require any killing, but you do need to play with nature to fully complete it:

* Visit the Weather Station at the southeast of the Map as Storm.

* Using the skin, ride the Steamy Stacks in the storm.

* Emote as Storm at the center of the eye of the storm (purple lightning bolt icon).

Foils: Silver style unlocked at level 120. Gold at level 160, and Holo at level 200.

5. Dr. Doom

Being one of the smartest characters from the Marvel Universe, he might have something to do with the “doom” that stalks the Battle Royale Map.

You might guess that the “Eternal Ruler of Latveria” isn’t a friendly title. He serves fear in the Battle Royale, as he does in the European country with those who rebel.

Getting a Victory Royale playing as Dr.Doom it’s one of the greatest pleasures in Fortnite. The “Victory Von Doom” emote gets unlocked at Tier 74 of the Battle Pass.

You must complete the Awakening Challenges before unlocking the throne:

* Visit Doctor Doom’s statue in the middle of Doom’s Domain as Doctor Doom.

* Visit a giant throne at South of Retail Row, as Doctor Doom.

* Emote as Doctor Doom during a Victory Royale.

Foils: Silver style unlocked at level 125. Gold at level 165, and Holo at level 205.

6. Mystique

Players who love the stealth-rogue playstyle will enjoy her addition to the set. Mystique’s shape-shifting powers can be as powerful as fun to troll your friends.

To start with, the “original” skin looks nice. If you like it, it can be yours after Tier 80.

But after you achieve Tier 86 and finish her Awakening Challenges, you’ll get some playtime advantages (even if Epic says “these cosmetic items grant no competitive advantage”).

This is what you have to do to unlock Mystique “Shapeshifter” form:

* Interact with a Phone Booth as Mystique (hard to find, search collectively).

* Deal damage with 3 different rarity pistols as Mystique (gray, green, blue, purple, or orange).

* Emote as Mystique after eliminating an opponent.

Foils: Silver style unlocked at level 130. Gold at level 170, and Holo at level 210.

7. Tony Stark (Iron Man)

If you think about it, Tony Stark and the Iron Man are like two different characters. It works similarly here in Fortnite…

You can play as him (Tony Stark) after unlocking the skin set at level 93.

Then he “suit up” with the built-in emote and transform into Iron Man, after level 100

Complete the Tony Stark’s Awakening Challenges to unlock it:

* Reach 88 on the speedometer in a Whiplash sports car as Tony Stark.

* Gather enough materials to use an Upgrade Bench as Tony Stark.

* Emote as Tony Stark in the Stark Workshop at Stark Industries POI.

Foils: Silver style unlocked at level 135. Gold at level 175, and Holo at level 215.

8. Wolverine (Complete Challenges When Released)

This wild guy can slash enemies as fast as he can gather materials with his bare hands – I mean, claws.

The classic yellow suit is the one I like the most. I’m glad it’s the one Epic chose.

Because Wolverine is not the mad scissors-hands hero, we all respect without his Adamantium Claws… Then we’ll wait patiently until they become available at the beginning of October, along with the “Snikt!” emote.

The full list of Awakening Challenges will be out soon. So far, we can only assume how to do each step.

Foils: Silver style unlocked at level 140. Gold at level 180, and Holo at level 220.

Summary of Fornite’s Chapter 2 Season 4

The Season 14 Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks ($9.50/ €7.99 / £7.50).

Although this is the standard Battle Pass option, there’s also a Bundle that gives you 2,800 Vbucks and will immediately upgrade you to tier 25 of the Battle Pass.

Take into account that you need to buy first the Season Pass to get the weekly Awakening Challenges. And you’ll need to achieve level 220 of your Battle Pass to unlock all Marvel skin sets.

The daily and weekly challenges, along with the season’s punch cards, are your best bet to get the full collection before the season ends.

Are these the only new skins released in Fornite Chapter 2 Season 4? No, they are not.

Here’s a full list of items available now.

So far, Fortnite leaker @HYPEX (on Twitter) has served as a great help for the creation of today’s article.

Throughout the most recent leaks, you can find Silver Surfer and a full set of superhero-based skins. We’ll cover them up as soon as they get officially released.

In the meantime, I am still waiting to hear about the next Holiday skins. But stay tuned, because they might be around the corner (probably for Halloween).

They will be added to our Ultimate List of Fortnite Skins very soon.

But in the meantime… There are some remarkable aesthetics to show your friends, even if you have no money to put into the game. Here are the Top Free Fortnite Skins!

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