Fortnite in 2021 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Fortnite in 2021: Is trash or is it worth it to keep playing it? This and other frequently asked questions will be answered today.

The truth is, Fortnite hasn’t changed too much in the last years. It is still a Battle Royale game with building features, cool skin collaborations, and “cringey” dances.

But for some reason, Tfue and Google Translator think Fortnite is trash.

To begin with, the former FaZe clan content creator and other streamers haven’t gone back because “you can’t play a game for so many years without losing your mind.”

In the case of the popular Google translation tool: according to videos released by the game’s community, translating “Fortnite” in English to Turkish would result in “çöp,” which is “garbage” for Turks.

Although deciding whether Fortnite (or any other game) is trash or not, is hard and subjective. But numbers aren’t subjective at all. While Epic hasn’t released exact average active players, its popularity is undebatable.

There were around 350 million registered accounts in 2020 and 116 million accounts on mobile alone, of which 63% were iOS players, who lost access after the App Store removed the game in August 2020. If you make the numbers, that’s 73 million users lost.

Still, the company announced two of their biggest events ever released: Galactus Fight (December 2020) and Travis Scott’s Astronomical (April 2020) gathered 15.3 million and 12.3 million concurrent players, respectively.

This wasn’t long ago. So it could help us understand how popular the game truly is.

We even wrote about Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 and Season 5 right when they came out.

They keep adding more content every 10 weeks and the game keeps getting better if you play it with friends.

How to Find People to play Fortnite in 2021

As every other gamer, we have answered questions for, Fortnite is more enjoyable when played with or against friends or teammates.

So, this is what you have to do if you’ve been looking for groups (LFG), teams (LFT), or squad (LFS) lately.

A) In-game Request

To add someone to play with inside the game, you just have to:

1) Open “Fortnite” > click on the Social icon in the top left corner > “Add friends”

2) Enter the Epic display name of your friend (and not the Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch account names) and press the “Add friend” button next to it.

You’ll also be able to see a menu showing suggested friends and players you recently played with, which can be added similarly as in the previous step.

3) You’ll see a “Friend Request Sent” message if you entered the display name correctly. You can confirm by seeing your friend’s list at EPIC FRIENDS.

For those who didn’t know: Epic Games is the developer company of Fortnite. So, when you add a new in-game friend, you’re also adding it to your EG account.

4) You can also add cross-platform users (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Mobile) to play with later, without launching the game. Instead, use the PC Epic Games app:

Click on “Friends” > “Add a Friend” > Enter the display name or email address > Click on the “Send” blue button.

On “Party Up” you can always invite to or join any lobby inside the game.

Speaking of lobbies: Discord is also a great place to find new players to play Fortnite with. Here’s the best four Fortnite-focused Discord servers we found:

Top 4 Fortnite Discord Servers

#4 – Fortnite Creative: For the builders out there, that prefer the other mode over BR.

#3 – Fortnite Community: Very complete server, full of casual and competitive channels.

#2 – Fortnite Ranked: This is for you if you’re looking for 1v1 or 2v2 matches!

#1 – Official Fortnite: Backed up by Epic Games staff, it has the most members.

Of course, you’re not looking for a lot of people. Just a few, quality friends. That’s where G1 comes in.

How to Install Fortnite in 2021?

As you may or may not know, Fortnite is available for free. You can proceed to follow any of the following tutorials, according to the device you want to install it on.

How to Install Fortnite on PC (Windows and Linux)

First, you’ll have to create an account on Epic Games. You can use one of many sign-up methods enlisted on the registration page.

Have signed up? Then, proceed to download “Fortnite” through the platform.

It will ask you for a “Destination Folder” to save the file. Select any you like from your computer and install the Epic Games launcher. This is done by opening the saved file.

It’s quite probable that you see the “asking for permission to make a change on your computer” sign. If so, click “Yes” and let it install/update.

Once it finishes, search for the “Fortnite” page inside the Epic Games launcher by going to “Home” and scrolling down a bit or by directly searching for it in the Store.

If you find the Fortnite page, then click on the yellow “Get” button in the right corner.

How to Install Fortnite on Mobile Devices (Android & iOS)

Not everybody has the gaming rig or desires to play Fortnite on PC. Instead, a lot of people prefer to play it on mobile.

While it was available for both Android and iOS, a cooperative decision led Google and Apple to take Fortnite out of their App stores in August 2020, after developer and publisher Epic launched a direct payment system that violated their policies.

The rule that was broken takes a 30% fee of the revenue generated from apps/games out of the developer’s pockets.

So far, it’s still possible to install Fortnite through Android’s Epic Games app with no need of using the Google Play Store. But this can’t be done on Apple’s devices (iPhones or iPad).

As for Android devices:

Download the Epic Games app directly through the web browser (since is not available on the Google Play Store) and install it.

Note: it will show a warning claiming the file can harm the device. But it’s because it detects all .apk files (in this case, EpicGamesApp.apk) from outside the app store as a hazard.

You might even have to go to your browser’s settings if it says “your browser cannot install apps from this source” and tap on “allow the browser to install…”

If the Epic Games app successfully installs on your Android device, then you must follow the same instructions as in the PC version: Get into the big Fortnite banner and tap on install.

Fun fact: Samsung Android devices (smartphones and tablets) do show Fortnite on the Galaxy store, so it removes the need to install the Epic Games app.

Now, you might be wondering… Is there any way to play Fortnite on your iOS?

There is. And it’s through GeForce Now.

The Safari BETA was released on November 19 of 2020 and anyone with an iPhone or iPad device can get into the platform by opening it through the respective iOS browser (Safari) with this link:

How to Uninstall Fortnite in 2021?

You may also be here, interested in uninstalling the game and not playing it anymore.

Don’t worry, I’m not judging.

Instead, this is what you got to do to uninstall Fortnite now.

Uninstall Fortnite on PC (Windows)

  1. Launch the Epic Games app
  2. Go to “Library” on the left panel
  3. Find Fortnite between your game list
  4. Click on “settings” close to the thumbnail image and then, on “Uninstall” right after the windows pops up.

The process is the same for Android devices.

And for the iOS GeForceNow tutorial, there’s no need to uninstall because the cloud gaming servers save you from installing it in the first place (you’re playing the PC version on your phone).

Now, if you’re re-installing or playing the game for the first time and we have seen what corporations can do with their “never-read” Terms of Services, then I would like to pinpoint some specific conditions you’re accepting without being aware.

Fortnite Terms of Services (ToS)

In the first place, the minimum required age to play is 13 years old. But even if your age ranges from 13 to 17, it’s required parental permission to do so.

Second, Epic Games has the right to change your user/display name if you get inactive for over a year, or if it’s considered either misleading or offensive to anyone.

Third, for those who were asking “is it illegal/prohibited to buy or sell Fortnite accounts?”

It goes AGAINST their Terms of Services. So you shouldn’t buy or sell them, anywhere. Or you will get banned if they find out.

Harassing or impersonating other players (being toxic), as well as exploiting bugs, glitches, or hack software, sharing other’s information in-game, or buying V-bucks from unofficial sources can also get you banned in Fortnite.

Even sharing your account with others is prohibited in Fortnite.

If you did something wrong and want a second chance (to get unbanned), you can submit an “Unban Appeal” at any time by going into their support center and clicking on the “Contact Us” button, at the bottom of the page.

It will ask you to log into your Epic Games account and insert your information and explain the situation.

Do you know what also gets you banned (if detected)? Smurfing in Fortnite.

Smurfing on Fortnite in 2021

So many people talk about try-hards, as well as they talk about smurfs.

But where can these blue, funny characters be found at?

Where should you land to see them?

When someone talks about “smurf” or “smurfing” in online games, including Fortnite, they refer to a highly skilled player who’s playing on a recently created account to wreck the enemy players.

Not many smurfs do it for plain fun but to get some extra cash offering the service.

A notorious case is connected to Aydan “Aydan” Conrad, a Fortnite pro player who got banned in September 2019 for smurfing (using a new account) to get easier matches. He received several reports after killing 41 players in one single match.

The truth is, way more Fortnite pro players must be doing this now, just low-key. That way, their reputation and their team’s don’t get affected.

Do you want to get some legit money playing Fortnite?
Then this might be for you.

How to Become a Creator in Fortnite in 2021 and Get Code

Epic Games released the “Support-A-Creator” program which enables active video makers, streamers, storytellers, artists, cosplayers, musicians, and community builders to earn money by creating content for Fortnite and other games from Epic’s library.

If your application gets approved, your “Creator Code” will be generated automatically (similar to your display name). You can change your display name before you apply for the program, to get a best-fitting Creator Code. It can only be changed every 12 months.

So, you’d get 5% of all in-game purchases others make using the code.

For example, if someone clicks on your code, the player would be “tracked” for 14 consecutive days to give you 5% of all real money spent on V-Bucks and other items.

After 14 days, the Creator Code expires and can only be applied if it’s selected again.

You need to get at least $100 within 12 months to remain active in the program.

But how do you initially get accepted? What are the requirements for “Support-A-Creator”?

  • Minimum age: 13 years old or 14, if you reside in South Korea.
    At least 1,000+ followers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, or VK.
  • Capable of accepting the Creator Agreement, abiding by the Content Creator Guidelines, and able to receive payments with Hyperwallet (designated platform).
  • Unfortunately, The Support-A-Creator program is not available in these countries: Cuba, Eritrea, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Zimbabwe.

And in those that it does, it’s necessary to disclosure all connections/endorsements, like this: #Ad, #Sponsored, #EpicPartner, #EpicAmbassador, or “In connection with Epic Games Support-A-Creator Program, I may receive a commission from certain in-game purchases.”

Where should you put those messages at?

Mostly, in your channels and content description. For everyone to see, every time you upload a new meme, image, video, or get to stream live.

Wait… Memes?

What are the Best Fortnite Memes?

#1 – It doesn’t look so different after all…

#2 – Again?

#3 – Is the proudest she has been of his husband

#4 – Don’t worry… There are plenty more fish in the sea.

#5 – Sure, I’ll revive you. Just one second.

#6 – I’m sorry, but this is all mine

#7 – NOPE. I’m OUT

#8 – Accurate.

#9 – The ultimate upgrade

#10 – Poor Arnold

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