Wemade Partners with Chainlink Labs to Usher in Web3 Gaming Era

Chainlink’s CCIP becomes the exclusive interoperability engine for Wemade's unagi(x), boosting cross-chain gaming experiences

In a ground-breaking move that is expected to redefine the world of Web3 gaming, leading Korean gaming company Wemade has announced a strategic partnership with Chainlink Labs

This alliance will utilize the power of Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) as the exclusive solution for Wemade’s unagi(x), marking a significant step forward in creating a seamless and interconnected cross-chain gaming ecosystem.

Why is this important?

Wemade’s partnership with Chainlink Labs seeks to overcome longstanding challenges in Web3 gaming. Central to this collaboration is the COURT omnichain initiative, short for Certified Organizations for Unagi Round Table. This consortium is working towards creating a unified blockchain ecosystem, seeking to consolidate an otherwise fragmented landscape. 

As a testament to their collaboration, Chainlink Labs is now an official member of COURT. 

The ultimate goal of this partnership is to achieve a harmonized omnichain Web3 ecosystem free from barriers that hinder cross-chain interactions.

The collaboration represents a pivotal moment for Web3 gaming. With new tools like ‘una Wallet’ and ‘una Scan’ planned for release in the coming weeks, it emphasizes enhanced user interaction with cross-chain activities. Leveraging Chainlink’s CCIP, the alliance targets eliminating cross-chain connectivity barriers. 

Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade, articulated the vision behind the collaboration: 

“Wemade and Chainlink Labs share an ambitious goal—leveraging Chainlink CCIP to connect disparate blockchains and create an interoperable Web3 ecosystem for games and other on-chain applications. 

Echoing this sentiment, Sergey Nazarov, Co-Founder of Chainlink, remarked, “We’re excited to help accelerate the adoption of Web3 gaming by providing Wemade with the industry’s most secure and reliable cross-chain solution. The seamless interoperability provided by Chainlink CCIP will unlock a new era of cross-chain gameplay.”

Wemade’s choice to implement Chainlink’s CCIP as the foundation for unagi(x) wasn’t arbitrary. Recognized as the world’s most secure cross-chain messaging protocol, CCIP is backed by the Risk Management Network. This independent network is dedicated to continuous surveillance and validation of cross-chain operations, pinpointing any suspicious activity. Given past industry vulnerabilities that led to substantial user fund losses, the addition of this security layer underscores the partnership’s commitment to bolstering trust and reliability in the cross-chain infrastructure.

About Wemade

Wemade is a pioneer in the gaming industry, leading the way in the adoption of blockchain technology with over two decades of experience in game development and business acumen. Their innovation is centered on their proprietary blockchain mainnet, WEMIX3.0, an experience-driven, platform-centric, and service-oriented mega-ecosystem that is poised to redefine the landscape.

About Chainlink Labs

Chainlink Labs stands at the forefront of delivering robust and trustworthy open-source oracle solutions for the blockchain. The company is dedicated to the development and integration of Chainlink as the industry-standard Web3 services platform connecting the world to blockchains. Chainlink is a decentralized network of oracles that provides real-world data, off-chain computation, and cross-chain interoperability to smart contracts on any blockchain.

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