6-Steps Guide To Get Better At Fortnite in 2021

Would you like a guide to get better at Fortnite?

It’s no secret that this game has a steep learning curve. If you have followed the game from Season 1 to Chapter 2, the game has changed immensely.

In the early days of Fortnite, building was an afterthought. As the game evolved and players improved, building (and editing) have become some of the most important aspects of the game.

It may be daunting to see a player that can crank 90s in seconds, but every player in this game started the game fresh, so there is hope for every player that logs into Fortnite.

Thankfully, Epic Games has released a number of ways for players of all skill levels to improve.

When you load up the game, there are many ways to practice your skills, Plus, Fortnite also has a bustling social media presence, so you can gain knowledge from players from around the globe.

Here is a step-by-step guide to improving at Fortnite:

How To Get Better at Fortnite?

1. Practice Building/Editing/Aiming

In Chapter 2, the most important thing new players need to work on is their building, editing, and aiming. W

hen you run into an enemy, expect them to build. Building your protection is key, so ensuring you have the skills to cover your body from all angles is integral to success on Fortnite island.

More advanced players can build to great heights and with speed. Capturing high ground is important and can help players in fights against opponents.

To gain the high ground, building fast is necessary.

Editing is also another important factor. When you have someone cornered in your box, players can edit built structures to give themselves a better angle at landing shots to their opponent.

Also, editing can help players escape from a fight and can help players maneuver around the competition.

Having great aim can help place you on a whole other level compared to your opponents.

The ability to land shots while causing damage is another important step into becoming a solid Fortnite player.

Whether it shots landing from afar or spraying with your SMG, good aim can help players get out of the stickiest of situations.

If you want to practice anything related to Fortnite, jump into creative mode, playground mode, or Battle Labs.

All three modes can help a player take their gameplay to the next level. This will help you practice all aspects of the game without having to worry about an enemy taking you out.

2. Know When and Where to Rotate 

Players know that wherever you land on the island, there is no guarantee that you’ll be in the safe zone to start. This means that players will need to move from their landing spot into the safe zone.

However, in your way could be a popular town that has loads of enemy players.

Knowing when to rotate as to not alert opponents is going to help you stay away from fights and make it safely into the next circle.

Knowing where to rotate is important too. If you are low ground and the circle is getting smaller, you may want to rotate to a place that has natural high ground like a mountain or hill. A

dditionally, if the circle is pulling you towards players, you may want to rotate to a spot that has fewer people so you can avoid taking damage.

Calling out where your next step (if playing with friends) will be essential to surviving in Battle Royale. Knowing where to move by yourself in Solos is another key tactic that will help you win games.

3. Take as Many Fights as Possible 

No matter how many times you practice in creative or playground mode, it will feel different when out on the Island.

Players are different than the bots you’ll meet in other modes, so it’s important to take fights when you can.

In the early going of your Fortnite career, you shouldn’t worry about catching a Victory Royale just yet.

Those will eventually come. Instead, you should focus on fine-tuning your mechanics in a practical situation.

Your aiming, building, and editing may be on point, but the best way to test that is against other players.

No two players are the same, so if you’re looking to improve, fighting as much as possible is important.

4. Review Your Gameplay

In the heat of the moment, it’s hard to dissect your gameplay and figure out what went right (or wrong) when engaging in fights.

I highly recommend using replay mode so you can break down your gameplay. Similar to how professional athletes break down game film, you can do so as a Fortnite player.

Use replay mode to see what you are doing right when winning fights and to see what mistakes you are making when dying.

Whether it be not hitting your shots or not being able to build yourself out of a situation, replay mode will help you gain an understanding of your gameplay.

5. Watch Competitive Fortnite Players

If you want to be the best you need to study the best. Watching Fortnite players stream their gameplay is another way to get better at the game.

Players like SypherPK have a ton of tutorials online that can help new players when first starting the game.

He also breaks down certain aspects of his gameplay and others, so it’s interesting to see different styles from different players.

It is no different than studying a professional basketball player, dancer, etc. Receiving tips and advice from the best players in the world is a surefire way to improve at Fortnite.

6. Join a Community Chat 

Players need to review their gameplay, but if they are doing something wrong, how will they know? Joining a community chat on Discord, Reddit or wherever can help you out as well.

You can post videos of your gameplay and players from the community will help break it down and analyze it for you.

It’s nice to be able to watch your replays yourself, but you may be missing some key details in your gameplay that can be fixed.

As mentioned, Fortnite has several communities online and there are a ton of players who will help break down your gameplay to help improve.

Did you like these 6-steps guide to getting better at Fortnite?

It’s now time to apply everything you’ve learned so far!


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