The Ultimate List Of Fortnite Skins

Are you a Fortnite OG?

Do you remember when skins were first revealed in the item shop?

Skins helped put Fortnite on the map. In the early beginnings of Battle Royale, the skins were conservative, to say the least. Skins had slight variations to one another and Epic Games didn’t take huge gambles on flamboyant skins. Fast forward to Chapter 2 and you could be playing as an Ice Cream Cone, a Robot and even Ninja himself!

Skins (like the game itself) have evolved, but not all skins are alike. Skins have their own characteristics that help them stand out from one another. Whether they are from the Battle Pass or dropped in the Item Shop, skins are one of the most sought after cosmetics in Fortnite.

Here is the ultimate list of Fortnite skins. Did your favorite make the list?

Renegade Raider

While this skin may not be the flashiest on this list, it is certainly one of the rarest. Released during Season 1, not many players have this skin. You needed to purchase the base Battle pass (which was 1200 V-Bucks) and reach level 20. At the time, players weren’t ready to commit to a Battle Pass and the grind of leveling up.

Nowadays, Renegade Raider is a rare skin that nostalgia players wish they had.

Aerial Threat (Soccer Skin)

You either love them or you hate them, but you can’t deny that soccer skins were one of the most talked-about skins in Fortnite. They had a bad reputation of being worn by the sweatiest players in Fortnite. While we cannot confirm that as 100 percent truth, for the most part, you wanted to avoid facing off against a soccer skin.

Again, this skin was relatively basic, but everyone knew you were good if you were rocking this attire.

Ghoul Trooper

Another skin for the OG’s, the Ghoul Trooper was a skin highly regarded by the Fortnite community. First released in October of 2017, the skin was not available again until 2019. Fans waited in anticipation for the skin to drop once again in the Item Shop.

Ghoul Trooper was certainly one of Fortnite’s most colorful skins in the early going and continues to be one of the most popular skins in the game.

The Reaper/John Wick

Before Epic Games introduced an official John Wick skin,

the Reaper was the unofficial version. It’s no secret that Epic Games’ inspiration for cosmetics came from Pop Culture, so it’s easy to see why people thought the Reaper looked exactly like John Wick from the well-received movie franchise.

Originally a skin in the Battle Pass from season 3, the Reaper was another skin defined by good Fortnite players. The official John Wick skin was released in May of 2019 for 2000 V-Bucks.

Skull Trooper

One of the truest OG skins in Fortnite, Skull Trooper came into the Item Shop back in 2017. A full year later, Skull Trooper would find its way back into the item shop, but this time it came with a green and purple variant.

Skull Trooper was used by streamer Myth and continues to be his number one used skin in Battle Royale.

Tender Defender

Imagine designing a skin in Fortnite? A year ago, an 8-year-old posted on Reddit his design for a Chicken Trooper skin. It was well received by the Reddit community and gained a lot of traction.

The original post was cleaned up by an artist. His sketch resembles the Tender Defender in-game. It’s cool to think an 8-year-old thought of a popular skin that was developed and added into the Fortnite Item Shop.

Galaxy Skin

One of the first skins tied to a promotional strategy, the Galaxy Skin was well received by the Fortnite community. When streamer Ninja first revealed the skin, it became an instant buy.

Unfortunately, the only way to get this skin was by purchasing a Samsung tablet or Phone, so the skin is not widely used in Battle Royale today.


First released in 2018, Raven was a popular skin the moment it hit the Item Shop. The 2000 V-Buck skin was an instant buy for skin collectors and one everyone wanted to have. The darkness of the skin helped bring out the purple eyes that glowed through the night.

Raven was easily one of the best-designed skins to come to Fortnite in the early going and is still a popular skin choice to this day.

Merry Marauder

Another OG skin, the Merry Marauder was a Holiday outfit in December of 2017. Streamer LazarBeam wears this skin a lot and the skin has become a staple to his community.

It’s another simple skin, but it gained popularity due to its sleekness. Skins that look nice and don’t cover the screen with its bulkiness are well received in the community. The Merry Marauder is a perfect example of a skin done right.


You may not be a fan of Marshmello and his music, but Marshmello helped change in-game Events for Fornite. The electronic music DJ played a live concert at Pleasant Park, which was talked about all over social media. It was one of the best Fortnite events to date and was one of the first skin to be replicated (officially) off a member from Pop Culture.

Default Skin

I don’t think this list would be complete without the true OG. The default skin was the first skin used by players when originally playing Fortnite. Jonesy was one of the most popular default skins, sparking inspiration for other Jonesy skins, like Recruit and Bunker Jonesy.

No-skins are true OGs and Jonesy (and the rest of the Default Army) is missed in Fortnite today.

Honorable mentions

Crackshot, Dark Voyager, Tomato Head, Mothmando, Omega, Black Knight and Love Ranger


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