Top 5 CS:GO Memes of 2021

CS:GO memes are one of the cornerstones of any CS:GO experience, and can range from either very funny or very angry.

Normal conversation is a rare thing when playing CS:GO, so let’s take a look at some of the top CS:GO memes so that you can understand what’s going on when they come up and respond appropriately.

Top 5 CS:GO Memes

Here’s a list of the top five memes that I believe are funny and common in the CS:GO community. These should be familiar to you if you want to understand what’s going on during the game, and what your allies/opponents are saying.

Rush B!

For CS:GO players, “Rush B!” is a way of saying “We do this together and fast, no matter what! Don’t mess it up!” Who needs planning anyway?

Who needs calculation? It’s the equivalent of “Leeeeroy Jenkins!” from WoW.

Rush B! is one of the CS:GO memes you will hear when all else fails and nobody wants to think anymore.

You’ll often hear it in lower rank divisions, up to Gold Nova I, because the players in those divisions have yet to grasp the concept of careful maneuvering, the notion of timing, or coordinating with your team to yield a significant advantage while assaulting a position.

Omae wa mou shindeiru

This is another famous CS:GO meme that gets used when people go to war with each other verbally. It means “You’re already dead” and it’s a way of saying that your opponent’s fate has already been decided and nothing more needs to be done to bring them down.

This meme comes from anime and it’s used in a variety of esports, CS:GO being one of them. Whenever there’s competition, respect for your opponent often gets swapped for sarcasm and catchy memes that can trigger them in just the right way.

If the enemy team tells you this meme in chat, just know that it’s supposed to mean “You’ve already lost.”

“I don’t know who you are but…”

This is the famous Liam Neeson meme: “I don’t know who you are, but I will find you and I will kill you.” People often use this meme to express their frustration with someone’s actions, often a teammate.

Or it’s used to suggest to an opponent that their time has come and that you will specifically look for them inside the game to get revenge.

“One does not simply…”

This is Sean Bean’s line from The Lord of the Rings. In CS:GO, it’s often used as “One does not simply Rush B without grenades” or something of that nature. It’s intended as a funny way of saying “You simply don’t do this without doing something else as well.”

If you’ve ever done something stupid and had a nice teammate who wanted to point out your mistake in a funny and polite way, you probably know the meaning of this meme.

However, it doesn’t happen that often. Usually, you’ll just get flamed for stupid moves.

The Whole Point of Memes in CS:GO

In CS:GO, memes are used in abundance. Their main goal is either to entertain or trigger opponents. Players are more likely to like you if you understand the language of memes, so you’d better learn some catchy phrases before jumping into the game.


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