The Top Ten Most Expensive CS:GO Skins in 2021

In CS:GO and gaming in general, skins are in-game items that enhance and personalize your experience in a purely visual way.

They don’t add any advantages that would make you a better player, and yet players enjoy having a cool-looking AWP instead of a standard one, or a fancy-looking knife.

There are psychological reasons behind such preferences, but we’re interested in the skins themselves and their prices.

What are the most expensive CS:GO skins?

Top Ten Most Expensive CS:GO Skins

Here’s a top ten list of the most expensive CS:GO skins, starting with the cheapest.

10. Hyper Beast (Five-SeveN Pistol)

Factory New Price: $92

The Five-SeveN pistol has great qualities and it feels a lot more solid than the standard pistol you get on the CT side. Combined with this skin, which is very beautiful, players often get a feeling of firmness that might lead to improved results.

The way in which you feel about a CS:GO weapon does influence your accuracy with it quite a bit, especially when it comes to pistols, simply because they require such subtle movements.

9. The Empress (AK-47)

Factory New Price: $122

The Empress provides a beautiful design for the AK-47. The lively colors and signs on this skin make it stand out from many others. But keep in mind that weapons shouldn’t ruin your stealth.

Looking beautiful and attracting a lot of attention is probably the last thing you want on a battlefield. This might be one of the reasons why the vivid colors on The Empress have prevented this work of art from going higher in price.

8. Case Hardened (AK-47)

Factory New Price: $230

AK-47 is probably the most famous weapon in CS:GO. Its qualities reflect those of the real AK-47 and as a result, everyone would rather be equipped with an AK than with an M4. CT players swap their M4 for an AK almost every time they get the chance to do so.

And as a result, it’s no wonder that the Case Hardened skin for the weapon is in our top 10 list. Its elegant design matches that of the weapon and in a way completes it.

7. Emerald Dragon (P90)

Factory New Price: $249

This is a perfect anti-eco weapon, as it allows you to take on five players at once at close and medium range. As for the skin design, it’s easily recognizable and scary that it attracts players’ attention.

It’s not that big of a surprise that the skin is in demand and rather expensive.

6. Crimson Web (M9 Bayonet)

Factory New Price: $1,000

The knife itself looks scary even without the bloody color offered to it by the Crimson Web skin. Players do enjoy the added effects, which is why this skin is so expensive and in such demand.

5. Fire Serpent (AK-47)

Battle-Scarred Price: $1,700

This is the third AK-47 skin on this list. It’s also the most expensive. The design doesn’t stand out as much as you’d expect, but the community loves the serpent motif and the “spitfire” idea that lies behind it.

4. Case Hardened (Karambit)

Minimal Wear Price: $1,800

This digital knife skin is almost as expensive as a good real knife. Every time a player travels somewhere and knows they won’t encounter enemies along the way, they keep a knife in their hand and tend to play with it, which is why everyone wants to have a cool knife skin.

3. Howl (M4A4)

Factory New Price: $2,190

This looks absolutely gorgeous. But would someone spend close to $2000 on a digital skin that doesn’t even enhance your ability to play better and win games? It may surprise you, but lots of players desire this skin and are willing to pay the higher price for it.

2. Medusa (AWP)

Battle-Scarred Price: $4,300

Medusa is a very beautiful skin that makes the weapon look fierce, and players love the feeling of looking badass. Subsequently, it’s no wonder that the whole community is crazy about this design.

1. Dragon Lore (AWP)

Factory New Price: $8,200

This is the most expensive CS:GO skin. (Though it’s not the most expensive skin ever sold – that would be $61,000 for a Dragon Lore skin.) The standard Dragon Lore skin that’s generally found in CS:GO is estimated at around $2020. Visually, there’s no doubt that the skin looks appealing and makes the weapon look amazing.

You can always check the official Steam site or alternative analyzers If you’re curious about the current market prices.


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