Ryan Reynolds “Free Guy” Movie: DELAYED

Towards the end of March, Disney published a series of release date delays. One of the films that will be delayed is the video game movie named Free Guy, starring Ryan Reynolds.

The film was set to debut in theaters in May 2021. But, it got pushed back, and is now set to release on August 13. The original release date of the film was in May 2019. So, if the film does release in August, it will be an over two-year delay from the original plan.

This delay is mainly due to the pandemic, and affected other movies that were set for this year. These include The King’s Man, Black Widow, and Deep Water.

The star of the film, Ryan Reynolds, portrays a character who realizes that he’s an NPC in a video game. The man himself took to Instagram to respond to the latest delay of the film.

Check out Reynolds’ post below:

In this video, Reynolds reassures the fans that this will be the last time that Free Guy gets delayed. In classic Ryan Reynolds style, he goes on to preach that he has never been so sure of anything before, followed by a poorly dubbed clip of him saying the August 13 release date.

The video ends with Ryan telling the viewers that he feels “very good” about the new release date. It has certainly taken a while ever since Free Guy was first announced. But it’s a movie that you shouldn’t miss.

During the 2019 New York Comic Con, Reynolds who has also taken the role of co-producer along with Shawn Levy, went on record saying that he hasn’t done something as immersive and engaging ever since the Deadpool movies.

This got a huge response from the crowd, who were immediately drawn to the concept of the movie.

The repeated delays are showing us that 20th Century Studios are against releasing the movies with closed theaters. But, as more people are getting vaccinated, there are more theaters reopening.

So this will hopefully be the last time that Free Guy is delayed.

It’s great to see that, even though many fans are tired of the delays, Reynolds found a way to make it seem funny and engaging.

It’s certainly the worst case scenario to have your own movie delayed for more than two years. This has become much more common nowadays, though, due to the situation with the pandemic, that’s damaging the entire industry.

But, Free Guy has a great line-up. Other than Ryan Reynolds, the movie features huge names like Joe Keery, Jodie Comer, Tika Waititi, Lil Rey Howery, and more. And it’s directed, as we previously said by Shawn Levy, the director of the huge hit series Stranger Things.

What is your favourite Ryan Reynolds film? We really loved the Deadpool duology, because of its superb humour and action-filled scenes.

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