Check This HALO Reference In Zack Snyder’s Justice League…

It’s been a few years since Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released. But the movie got some unexpected traction during the last month.

Along with a Director’s Cut of the film came an exhibition in Dallas. An eagle-eyed fan spotted a two-blade badge on Deathstroke’s sword. This same symbol can be found in Halo.

According to one of the designers of the weapon, this was intended to be an easter egg for Ra’s al Ghul, a supervillain from the DC Comics, and founder of the League of Assassins.

This was later confirmed by several insiders, as well as the actor who played Deathstroke, Joe Manganiello.

But, here comes the biggest surprise. The symbol itself didn’t appear in the DC Universe for the first time. It didn’t appear in any comic book or movie. It is a part of the Halo series.

It all begins in Halo 2. You could equip this two-jagged sword emblem in multiplayer, along with many others. So it’s really surprising that we saw this specific badge in the DC Universe.

The creator of the badge, a designer for Bungie Studios named Christopher Barret would later confirm that the emblem is his creation. So it had nothing to do with Ra’s al Ghul, or DC Comics.

Barret said that he created the badge almost twenty years ago when Halo 2 was in production. He also stated that he still has the original file in his possession. But, how did a Halo 2 badge end up in a DC film?

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The confusion most likely happened because of the emblem being added on a DC fan page.

Specifically, there’s an entire forum online named Comic Crossroads, where users can upload their own stories. The user who uploaded the specific story used this emblem as the logo of the League of Shadows. So, the badge hadn’t been in any issue of DC comics.

However, if you search up “Ra’s al Ghul symbol” on Google, the first logo that comes up is that badge. So it’s very likely that whoever added the design on Deathstroke’s sword found it by doing just that.

As for the origin of the emblem, we’ll have to take a deeper look into the alternate universe in Comic Crossroads, named Earth-5991. As we previously said, this is where the emblem firstly emerged.

The author of that comic universe is Draft227 on Comic Crossroads. They have been DC fan fiction for almost a decade, much before Zack Snyder’s Justice League was in cinemas.

Apart from Comic Crossroads, there’s a user in Halopedia, a fan-run Wikipedia for Halo, who contributes often with the name Draft227. That user has written a Halo story expansion series, named New Timeline. Is that a simple coincidence?

Probably not. That user probably saw the emblem on Halopedia and added an altered version of it on their Earth-5991 DC universe. We can only imagine how happy they felt when their creation ended up in an actual DC film.

Marco Morales
Marco Morales
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