“Captain Falcon” Actor Anthony Mackie: Stars Xbox Series X Ad

Anthony Mackie, also known as “Falcon” for the Avenger MCU fans, has made a main role appareance on the new Xbox Series X Ad, Microsoft’s latest console.

Merging both the “real world” with the historical events from the latest Marvel’s Avenger movie: End Game, where Thanos snapped him out of existence. Falcon mentions how he:

  • Took on the biggest ugly, bad guy in the galaxy…
  • Met a talking tree…
  • Missed his nephews growing…

Then, the store employee dramatically points to both Series X and Series S consoles.

That is the short-version, which you can see on your own down below:

Attentive MCU fans also noticed that the store employee with the nametag of “Aaron” on his chest, is the same Aaron that plays as an Apple employee in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Which is nothing more and nothing less than “NoobMaster69.”

This massive plot is revealed at the end of the long-version commercial, where Aaron mentions “his cousin made it.”

Played by comedian D.C. Pierson, he is the God of Thunder’s gaming rival, which he trolled Thor while he was sad for not being able to defeat Thanos.


The ad also points out the March 19 release of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+. You can get into the Disney Plus app on Xbox consoles, including all the latest Marvel movies and series (including WandaVision, which first season has recently ended).

Without question, every recent Xbox marketing campaign has been on point.

This cross-promotion makes sense and it has also achieved the virality point of others like the Xbox’s fridge one, where memes comparing the system’s shape with appliances where shared over and over on Reddit/Forums and social media.

The Xbox Game Pass is also heavily mentioned in a brief moment of the advertisement. Because for those who didn’t know, there was an attractive promotion that ended on January 31, where Xbox Game Pass Ultimate players could get a 30-day free trial of Disney Plus.

Although, PlayStation has also given us something to talk about lately.

Its latest controversial ad are quite ambiguous.

The first one is frankly, terrifying. Called “Feel the Power of Playstation” shows how the consoles are powered by beating human hearths.

Marco Morales
Marco Morales
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