FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 – The FIFA experience

As 2023 seemingly flies by us, we are once again caught up in the excitement of another FIFA World Cup, the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 to be exact. Taking place in the beautiful location of Australia and New Zealand. This year promises an unprecedented tournament, with the participation of world-class international teams and unexpected twists that only football can offer, or soccer as many will call it. What’s more, for every diehard football fan, the thrill isn’t confined to the real world, as we can replicate this feverish excitement in the virtual world of FIFA 23, and not a single hammy gets pulled! As we wait for the highly anticipated release of EA Sports FC 24, let’s dive into the fun, excitement, and realism that FIFA 23 brings to our consoles and PCs.

EA Sports, renowned for their yearly releases of their football franchise, have made FIFA 23 an immersive experience with enhanced visuals and gameplay tweaks. This makes FIFA 23 a perfect partner for all fans to live the world cup experience while they watch their favorite teams battle it out in real life.

Amid this football fervor, let’s take a look at some vital info details about the ongoing Women’s World Cup and how to enjoy it alongside FIFA 23, while also exploring what the future holds for EA Sports with the upcoming EA Sports FC 24 release.

FIFA World Cup / FIFA Womens World Cup 2023

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 kicks off on July 20, with New Zealand facing Norway. The tournament, held in Australia and New Zealand, is set to run until August 20, promising a whole month of exhilarating football action. USA, the reigning world champions, find themselves in Group E with the Netherlands, Portugal, and Vietnam. Meanwhile, European champions England are in Group D alongside China, Denmark, and Haiti. With the Intercontinental qualification play-offs already concluded, all slots for the final competition have been secured, setting the stage for an intense showdown in a matter of days!

With FIFA 23 in your hands, you can choose to manage any of these teams or create your Ultimate Team comprising players from different countries, leading them to World Cup victory. With gameplay modes like Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Pro Clubs, and VOLTA Football, FIFA 23 allows you to live the World Cup journey in whichever way you wish. You can use the players’ real-life performances in the World Cup to make tactical decisions in your FIFA 23 gameplay, further blurring the lines between the virtual and real world.

Playing FIFA 23 while Enjoying the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

The FIFA 23 game presents an opportunity for football enthusiasts to connect more intimately with the sport. This realistic video game serves as a platform for fans to experience the thrill of football matches off the field. The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 is no exception.

FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team Mode is especially engaging, allowing players to curate their own dream team. You can scout players based on their performances in the ongoing World Cup, build your team, tweak tactics, and lead them to glory. It’s a fascinating way to test your managerial acumen and football understanding. The Pro Clubs mode offers another layer of engagement, allowing you to control a single player throughout their career, dealing with victories, losses, and transfers just like a real footballer.

Official Trailer – FC24

Preparing for the EA Sports FC 24

As we engage with FIFA 23, it’s also essential to cast our gaze towards the horizon, as EA Sports is readying for the release of their next football game. This year, there’s an exciting twist. The game known for years as FIFA will transition to a new name – EA Sports FC 24.

The official release date is September 29, 2023, a period that usually coincides with the start of new European club seasons. This is an outcome of EA Sports ending their 20-year partnership with FIFA. Although the FIFA brand is no longer in the title, EA Sports FC will continue to provide an authentic football experience, thanks to separate deals with over 300 clubs and leagues globally. This ensures the continued existence of player names, clubs, and competitions in-game.

EA Sports FC 24 promises enhanced features, improved gameplay, and an even more realistic football experience. The newly introduced HyperMotionV technology is set to improve player animations in-game using volumetric data from top-tier matches. Additionally, the PlayStyles feature, powered by Opta, gives players more personal and unique abilities, enriching the gameplay.

Notably, the teaser trailer hinted at the addition of women players to the Ultimate Team mode. The change, indicated by a glimpse of American international Mia Hamm replacing Luis Figo, signifies EA Sports’ commitment to making their game more inclusive.

World Cup Kick-Off

As the world revels in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, every diehard football fan can participate in the thrill by delving into the immersive world of FIFA 23. So, dust off your boots, charge your controllers, lets get ready for the best Womens World Cup to date!

Ole ole ole ole!!!!!

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FIFA Women’s World Cup Schedule & Groups

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 groups

Group ANew Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Switzerland
Group BAustralia, Canada, Nigeria, Republic of Ireland
Group CCosta Rica, Japan, Spain, Zambia
Group DChina, Denmark, England, Haiti
Group ENetherlands, Portugal, United States, Vietnam
Group FBrazil, France, Jamaica, Panama
Group GArgentina, Italy, South Africa, Sweden
Group HColombia, Germany, South Korea, Morocco

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 schedule: Group stages

Including live match start times (UTC)

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 schedule: Matchday One

DateMatchTime (UTC)GroupLocation
Jul 20, 2023New Zealand v Norway08:00Group AEden Park
Jul 20, 2023Australia v Republic of Ireland11:00Group BStadium Australia
Jul 20, 2023Nigeria v Canada03:30Group BMelbourne Rectangular Stadium
Jul 21, 2023,Philippines v Switzerland06:00Group ADunedin Stadium
Jul 21, 2023Spain v Costa Rica08:30Group CWellington Regional Stadium
Jul 22, 2023United States v Vietnam02:00Group EEden Park
Jul 22, 2023Zambia v Japan08:00Group CWaikato Stadium
Jul 22, 2023England v Haiti10:30Group DBrisbane Stadium
Jul 22, 2023Denmark v China13:00Group DPerth Rectangular Stadium
Jul 23, 2023Sweden v South Africa06:00Group GWellington Regional Stadium
Jul 23, 2023Netherlands v Portugal08:30Group EDunedin Stadium
Jul 23, 2023France v Jamaica13:00Group FSydney Football Stadium
Jul 24, 2023Italy v Argentina07:00Group GEden Park
Jul 24, 2023Germany v Morocco09:30Group HMelbourne Rectangular Stadium
Jul 24, 2023Brazil v Panama12:30Group FHindmarsh Stadium
Jul 25, 2023Colombia v South Korea03:00Group HSydney Football Stadium

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 schedule: Matchday Two

DateMatchTime (UTC)GroupLocation
25 Jul, 2023New Zealand v Philippines06:30Group AWellington Regional Stadium
25 Jul, 2023Switzerland v Norway09:00Group AWaikato Stadium
26 Jul, 2023Spain v Zambia08:30Group CEden Park
26Jul, 2023Japan v Costa Rica06:00Group CDunedin Stadium
26 Jul, 2023,Canada v Republic of Ireland13:00Group BPerth Rectangular Stadium
27 Jul, 2023USA v Netherlands02:00Group EWellington Regional Stadium
27 Jul, 2023Portugal v Vietnam08:30Group EWaikato Stadium
27 Jul, 2023Australia v Nigeria11:00Group BBrisbane Stadium
28 Jul, 2023England v Denmark09:30Group DSydney Football Stadium
28 Jul, 2023Argentina v South Africa01:00Group GDunedin Stadium
28 Jul, 2023China v Haiti12:30Group DHindmarsh Stadium
29 Jul, 2023Sweden v Italy08:30Group GWellington Regional Stadium
29 Jul, 2023France v Brazil11:00Group FBrisbane Stadium
29 Jul, 2023Panama v Jamaica13:30Group FPerth Rectangular Stadium
30 Jul, 2023Germany v Colombia10:30Group HEden Park
30 Jul, 2023South Korea v Morocco11:00Group HHindmarsh Stadium

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 schedule: Matchday Three

DateMatchTime (CET)GroupLocation
30 July, 2023Norway v Philippines08:00Group AEden Park
30 July, 2023Switzerland v New Zealand08:00Group ADunedid Stadium
31 July, 2023Canada v Australia11:00Group BMelbourne Rectangular Stadium
31 July, 2023Japan v Spain08:00Group CWellington Regional Stadium
31 July, 2023Costa Rica v Zambia08:00Group CWaikato Stadium
31 July, 2023Republic of Ireland v Nigeria11:00Group BBrisbane Stadium
1 Aug, 2023Portugal v USA08:00Groun EEden Park
1 Aug, 2023Vietnam v Netherlands08:00Group EDunedid Stadium
1 Aug, 2023Haiti v Denmark12:00Group DPerth Rectangular Stadium
1 Aug, 2023China v England11:30Group DHindmarsh Stadium
2 Aug, 2023Panama v France11:00Group FSydney Football Stadium
2 Aug, 2023Jamaica v Brazil11:00Group FMelbourne Rectangular Stadium
2 Aug, 2023South Africa v Italy08:00Group GWellington Regional Stadium
2 Aug, 2023Argentina v Sweden08:00Group GWaikato Stadium
3 Aug, 2023South Korea v Germany11:00Group HBrisbane Stadium
3 Aug, 2023Morocco v Colombia07:00Group HPerth Rectangular Stadium

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 schedule: Knockout stages

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 schedule: Round of 16

DateMatchTime (UTC)FixtureLocation
5 Aug, 2023Group A Winner v Group C Runner-up06:00RO16 1Eden Park
5 Aug, 2023Group C Winner v Group A Runner-up09:00RO16 2Wellington Regional Stadium
6 Aug, 2023Group E Winner v Group G Runner-up03:00RO16 3Sydney Football Stadium
6 Aug, 2023Group G Winner v Group E Runner-up10:00RO16 4Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
7 Aug, 2023Group D Winner v Group B Runner-up08:30RO16 6Brisbane Stadium
7 Aug, 2023Group B Winner v Group D Runner-up11:30RO16 5Stadium Australia, Sydney
8 Aug, 2023Group H Winner v Group F Runner-up09:00RO16 8Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
8 Aug, 2023Group F Winner v Group H Runner-up12:00RO16 7Hindmarsh Stadium

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 schedule: Quarter Finals

DateMatchTime (UTC)FixtureLocation
11 Aug, 2023RO16 2 v RO16 408:30QF BWellington Regional Stadium
11 Aug, 2023RO16 1 v RO16 302:00QF AEden Park
12 Aug, 2023RO16 5 v RO16 708:00QF CBrisbane Stadium
12 Aug, 2023RO16 6 v RO16 812:30QF DStadium Australia

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 schedule: Semi-Finals

DateMatchTime (UTC)FixtureLocation
15 Aug, 2023QF A v QF B09:00Semi-final 1Eden Park
16 Aug, 2023QF C v QF D11:00Semi-final 2Stadium Australia

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 schedule: Final

DateMatchTime (UTC)FixtureLocation
19 Aug, 2023Losers: SF A vs SF B11:00Third place play-offLang Park, Brisbane
20 Aug, 2023Winners: SF A vs SF B09:00FinalStadium Australia, Sydney

Full Free Womens World Cup Schedule Print-out available below
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