Top 10 Games to make Friends

Gaming can simply provide you with the ability to escape from the usual day to day, until that is you get the sense of being alone and too isolated. Definitely a common theme many of us have seen since the pandemic. And whilst you’re up to playing a lot of games, on may be a solo campaign, battle royale or another kind of gaming endeavor, it may not stop you from becoming bored if you’re playing alone. When you come to play with friends, it increases fun and fosters the best teamwork. Because not everyone has friends who share the same gaming interests, here are the top ten games for making new friends.

This list features the best games that have high ratings and are played by large audiences online. You can easily interact with strangers and have your first opportunity to make friends with them. Most of the games on this list may be played on any gaming platform, like Android or Windows.

1: Play Together

Play Together provides a metaverse playground to enjoy with players over the world. This game was released on April 12, 2021, by Haegin Co. Ltd. It offers a virtual world where you can engage in outdoor activities while playing the game, in addition to allowing you to connect, play, and make friends.

You can make new friends, go on outings and shopping excursions with them, host parties at your home, and set off on adventurous journeys by taking a trip.

make friends online playing super sus
Super Sus or Among Us – popular games to make friends online

2: Super Sus or Among Us

These are two different games from different developers, but they focus on the same gameplay. You might already know about “Among Us,” as it’s the most-respected game in 2021. You can consider the super sus ultra version of Among Us, which provides ultra graphics, more modes, characters, and in-built voice chat support, as having more opportunities to make friends.

Super Sus was released on November 29, 2021, by PI Productions, while among Us was released on June 15, 2018. The maps, gameplay procedures, and characters are all the same in both games.

3: Life After

Life After is another fascinating survival multiplayer game by NetEase Games in which players deal with zombies and the apocalypse with friends all over the world. It was released on December 17, 2018 and gained popularity after updates and improvements in 2022.

You can interact with players from all around the world in this game and go on adventures together. With stable controls and voice chat support, it offers high-end graphics. If you enjoy playing survival games, try it out.

Up for some intense fun with new friends - playing Apex Legends and buddy up in a squad to claim victory in an epic, fast paced battle royale
Apex Legends – Become a legend with your friends

4: Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a futuristic battle royale game that was released on February 4, 2019, for desktops and consoles, and on May 16, 2022, for Android users. It will lead you to a fast-paced battle royale shooting experience with players all over the world via text or voice chat and gives you the best opportunity to form a team and make friends. The added feature of Apex Teams / Clans makes a more cohesive level of playing with your friends online.

Apex Legends offers a massive collection of futuristic guns, modes, and different maps to enjoy the game. Both Fpp and Tpp modes are available in the mobile and PC versions.

5: Dead By Daylight

This game will turn your enjoyment into excitement and hyped curiosity as it’s a multiplayer survival horror game. This game is released on PC, console, and mobile platforms, so you won’t miss a chance to play it.

It offers horror (4vs1) gameplay in which players must escape from a ruthless killer by using their teamwork. You can play any role, even as a killer, and threaten your friends.

Rogue Company - Make friends online - gaming with friends
Rogue Company – Team up and make new friends

6: Rogue Company

Rogue Company might give you a good chance to form a team and play this tactical third-person shooter game. It was released in 2020 and is available on every gaming platform. With numerous rounds, various maps, and fun objectives to play with friends, it never gets boring.

The game focuses on rogues to select and play the game. There are 25 playable rogues in the game, each with their own set of abilities and moves that add to the excitement. You can unlock or purchase new features by spending Rogue Bucks.

7: Fall Guys

Fall Guys never miss a list where we are discussing a game to play with friends. It’s a battle royale game in which more than 60 players compete in minigames against each other. Players must pass through various stages without falling; it is inspired by Takeshi’s castle.

In this game, jellybean-like characters appear, and in order to win, they must progress through stages by running, tackling, grabbing, jumping, and often diving across obstacles to the finish line before your time runs out.

make friends in Second Life
This game is definitely going places – Second Life – A great game to make new friends

8: Second Life

Second Life creates a virtual world to explore and live in as a virtual character. You can explore the places and meet the players who are also part of that virtual world. You can customize your avatar, choose your clothing, and go on an outing and picnic with your friends in this cool virtual environment.

This game includes really good graphics, 3D models of the characters, and heaps of fun places explore. It is similar playing to being immersed in the metaverse where you can live a virtual life and meet strangers to make friends.

9: Sea of thieves

Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure game developed by Rare. You and your friends can explore an adventurer’s pirate world and compete against its enemies. This game features high-quality graphics that will enhance your sea adventure.

You can form a crew, set sail on your adventure, and defeat your enemies to win. Players are spawned in a shared world to compete with each other while their adventures continue. This way, you can meet new people and learn more about the game.

Friends with skills – Fast paced soccer style car game – Rocket League

10: Rocket League

Rocket League is the perfect combination of racing and soccer with fast-paced gaming. This game was released in July 2015, but it is still popular in 2022. This game is available on Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, but not on Android yet.

Players control a supersonic vehicle to hit the ball and defend their goal. Vehicles have unique abilities such as nitro and boost. The first step toward victory is achieving the goal. Gameplay looks magnificent as the cars clash, hit, jump, and spin to defend and score a goal to get the win.

The Conclusion

Not every friend shows the same interest in gaming, and if you really need to play games with friends, then why not make new friends in games? As a result, here are the top ten games for making new friends. Playing these games will allow you to interact with lots of different gamers, and hopefully make a bunch of cool new friends with shared gaming interests as you. Goodluck, and happy gaming!


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