Portal is Referenced in TV Show “Jeopardy”

In case you missed it, there were many references to the Portal game when it came to Monday’s Jeopardy categories.

On Jeopardy, we can find one of the many Portal fans hard at work. A lot of Double Jeopardy categories were incorporated into Monday night’s episode. We might even mention that these references were all too obvious and reminiscent of many Valve puzzlers that are true classics.

Composers Mike Morasky and Kelly Bailey were very important when it came to the great soundtracks of Portal and Portal 2. So we could notice that “Composers” did not represent a classic reference. The first mention of Portal was Science Time.

Aperture Science is one of them and it is found in Portal and Portal 2. This lab is best known for having technological advances that no person or group of people can control. One of the classic examples is undoubtedly GLaDOS.

Those who have played Portal 2 will remember the chapter where this intelligent technology called GLaDOS is installed in just one potato. So, the big reference of this moment was the category “Strange Bedfellows” and it is also a very popular name from the fanfic of the first game.

Another category was the direct reference of “Port’L“. While another category named “You Can’t Have Just One” referenced portals, which always come in groups of two. “The Cake is a Lie” category refers to how much of the reality of this game is a mere construction.

Within the board of large components and trivia, references and memes to video games are a common element of Jeopardy. Case in point, April 15, 2020, and Naughty Dog’s release of The Last of Us.

Xiaoke responds quickly to the question by providing a correct answer so we can assume that she is a big fan of the game. Within the category world of video games, the question could be visualized, and it was about a score of $2000.

In this case, the question started with the following: “The long-awaited, upcoming sequel to this PlayStation game revisits Ellie and Joel after a cross country trek filled with zombies.” Some images from the immediately following sequel to The Last of Us played at the same time.

Beyond that, all the images played were nothing new. Each of these images had been displayed at some preview event, almost reaching the end of the previous year. Anyway, Naughty Dog used its Twitter account to express what was interesting about the feature, offering a thank you for the game’s presentation to Jeopardy.

Along with a reference to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and its original meme, Alex Trebek introduced the “Pay Respects” category along with an “F” on April 30. To understand this, we must mention the 2014 game and the unsuccessful attempt to involve the player in an overly emotional scene.

This generated a very infamous meme. Here the players did not know how to find the best way to interact in a fluid and natural way. So, the FPS game series tried in an unfortunate way to include a serious and sincere moment.

That is why many gamers “pay their respects” as a way to parody and criticize this peculiar moment on the internet. Many people use the letter F when it is an unfortunate or too sad event.

Logically, a lot of players used the letter F in Discord and Twitch chat when referring to this moment.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has had the actor Kevin Spacey as one of the latest and greatest interpretations. This actor was in charge of bringing the game’s antagonist to life. This all took place before the sexual assault accusations he had to face 3 years late.

Marco Morales
Marco Morales
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