The Retro Game Revival, Back to the Pixels

Hope you see what I did with the title there! Talking of movie classics and all-time greats… And like great nostalgic movies, we look back to the future (just in case you still didn’t get it!) as we see a current renaissance sweeping the gaming landscape, through a neon-lit resurgence that’s capturing the hearts of both young and old gamers alike. This isn’t the glitzy spectacle of the latest AAA title, nor the innovative mechanics of a new indie darling. Instead, it’s a wave of nostalgia that’s bringing back the best of the 8-bit era – the Retro Game Revival.

From Pac-Man to Castlevania, classic retro games are experiencing a massive resurgence. And it’s not just about dusting off the old Nintendo or finding an arcade. Thanks to advancements in technology and a renewed interest in vintage pop culture, retro games are now more accessible than ever.


The quintessential arcade classic, Pac-Man, has seen a recent revival in popularity. From online browser games to full-blown console releases, this pellet-chomping pioneer has found new life in the 21st century. Its simple yet addictive gameplay still captivates audiences, proving that good game design is truly timeless.


The hauntingly beautiful Castlevania series has also benefitted from the retro game revival. The side-scrolling action adventure, known for its challenging gameplay and gothic horror aesthetic, has spawned numerous remakes and reimaginings. One standout is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, which combines RPG elements with the franchise’s signature action platforming.

But what’s behind this sudden surge in retro gaming? A key factor is a rise in nostalgia for cult sci-fi and horror franchises from the video rental era.

A Nostalgic Resurgence

There’s a saying that what’s old eventually becomes new again. In the world of entertainment, we’re witnessing the truth of this adage. Fueled by a longing for a simpler time, the video rental era’s cult sci-fi and horror franchises have resurfaced, prompting a parallel rise in the popularity of retro games.

The recent revival of Stranger Things, a Netflix show that pays homage to ’80s pop culture, has generated renewed interest in that era’s classic games. Similarly, the resurgence of franchises like Alien and The Evil Dead in various media formats has boosted the popularity of their gaming counterparts.

Alien: Isolation

In this vein, Alien: Isolation stands out as a noteworthy title. This survival horror game, based on the iconic ’80s Alien franchise, cleverly blends retro-futuristic aesthetics with modern game design. It’s a perfect example of the trend toward reimagining classic franchises with contemporary sensibilities.

Super Mario Bros 2

In my best Mario voice, ‘Mamma mia!’, “Let’s-a go!”. From the original 8-bit Super Mario Bros 2 released in the late 80’s to the recent Super Mario Bros movie that scored reasonably well on Rotten Tomatoes considering the game has been revived and remade that many times now, most fans start to switch off rather than on.

With all that said, Mario is truly a classic and one of the all time best retro games. So we’re happy to see it still around for the more nostalgic classic Nintendo fans amongst us.

Evil Dead: The Game

Another standout is Evil Dead: The Game. This cooperative survival horror game brings all the campy fun of the cult classic film series to your console. With its over-the-top gore and quirky humor, it perfectly captures the essence of the original movies.

I had a lot of fun writing this post and felt there was so much more I could bring to it. This is why I reckon I need to follow up with a Retro Revival Part II very soon.

The retro game revival is definitely a testament to the enduring appeal of classic games. Many of us have so many awesome memories, growing up with these games, and hanging out with friends when life was seemingly so much more simple.

Talking of simple, the classic games’ simple mechanics, memorable characters, and nostalgic charm continue to resonate with gamers of all ages. As we continue to see a resurgence in cult sci-fi and horror franchises, we can expect even more fantastic retro revivals in the future. So, dust off your controller, and prepare to take a trip down memory lane – the golden age of gaming is back, and it’s more fun than ever.

Until the next time…bye for now


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