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League Of Legends Salary – How Much Can You Earn?

How much can you earn with a League of Legends Salary?

This is a frequently asked question.

Believe it or not, the biggest leagues offer surprisingly high salaries.

How LoL Salaries are Determined

Just like with anything else, when you’re part of a business system and that system is successful, you will get a piece of the action for playing your part.

In that sense, good LoL players make a lot of money for keeping millions of people glued to their screens and putting on a great show when they compete.

Apart from the fact that League of Legends is massive these days and that the pro scene has been around for around 10 years, another thing that helps if you want to receive a big salary is your ability to make a difference.

Just like in any other esport, LoL tracks a player’s stats and his team’s results.

Based on that, an evaluator can figure out rather quickly how good that player is relative to his peers.

Just like you can compare one football player to another and determine which of the two is better (if they play the same position), you can compete ADCs with ADCs, midlaners with midlaners, and so on.

Game impact in LoL is more or less measurable.

When sitting at the negotiations table, players or their agents can talk about raw numbers and present former team results, individual stats, overall popularity within the LoL community and other metrics that determine a person’s worth within the system.

Faker’s Recent Offers

Take for instance the case of Faker, who is considered to be the greatest player in the history of LoL.

He’s won Worlds multiple times and dominated his region with T1 (former SK Telecom T1) year after year, with several exceptions. And he’s just 23 years old.

With that kind of CV, it’s no wonder that he received a $10 million offer from China at the start of 2020 and another blank check offer from North America. He was basically asked to name his price.

That’s how good he is considered to be at what he does. Ultimately, he turned down these offers. But the fact remains: when you’re very good at something and you’re part of a successful business system that makes money, it’s not that difficult to get your fair share.

LCS Salaries

In LCS, which is the North American league, the minimum League of Legends salary is somewhere around $75,000. For anyone living in Europe or even the US, that’s a lot of money.

Getting around $6,000 a month plus performance and tournament bonuses is certainly not bad at all.

The way in which the system is set up allows players to get paid high amounts even when they’re not very successful. That basically means that it’s sustainable under the current circumstances.

Anyone competing in the LCS makes enough money to have the incentive to keep playing professionally even when other opportunities arise.

The average League of Legends salary for LCS  is a lot more than $75,000. It’s been revealed that it’s higher than $300,000. And the best players are probably making at least two or three times that amount.

So if you’re worried about not being able to make a living at video games, in today’s day and age that’s no longer impossible.

There’s one caveat though: you need to be really good at LoL to reach the professional level and make that kind of money.

How Many People Make It In League of Legends

Just like with basketball or any other big sport, League of Legends only has so much room for players and teams. In the big leagues, there are around 10 teams per league.

That’s 50 players plus substitutes. Let’s say 70. So in order to be a well-paid esports athlete, you need to be incredibly good at the game.

Because tens of millions of people are playing it. And even if you reach the top divisions (Grandmaster and Challenger), you’re still competing with hundreds of thousands of players who are at that level and are trying to find a team for themselves.

In order to succeed and become a professional LoL player, you need to have an edge. And that edge can’t come from simply playing LoL all day, because everyone at that level plays LoL all day.

Rather, it has to come from a mixture of personality traits that make you a good team player and a solid investment for any team in the long run. And also, it has to come from superior analytical skills and training methods.

It’s not how many hours you play but rather, how much you manage to improve in those hours. The progress is not measured in time but in skills.

And to get better you need to train smarter and acquire some intellectual skills.

Gaming is a mixture of strategizing and problem-solving.

And these things depend upon the quality of your thinking. Much like in an RPG a mage depends upon his intellect to cast spells, your mind depends upon a similar trait to analyze situations, assess them and find the best way of going from A to B.

If you can’t do that, you won’t be a very good gamer. In fact, the best LoL players are the ones who can do that quite easily. And this is not based purely on experience.

Because otherwise, everyone who has the in-game hours would be at pro-level. Rather, it’s based on analytical skills. And these are gained by studying concepts like strategy, problem-solving, critical thinking, game theory, and so on.

If you want to get an edge at League of Legends, seek to become a better thinker and strategist, and then find a training method that allows you to make progress fast.

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