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The Best League Of Legends Memes

League of Legends memes only exist because of how famous esport this game is (with a player base/community of over 80 million).

What are League of Legends Memes

League of Legends memes are jokes that bring its community together.

They’re ways of making fun of things or people and they circulate really fast for long periods of time. It could be months or it could be years.

These jokes allow people to more easily communicate with each other by referencing shared ideas and experiences. In that sense, League of Legends memes are a common language among LoL players.

If English is the common language for standard communication, memes are the common language for humor and sarcasm.

LoL memes can appear in plain text or with an image attached to them. You will find them on Reddit, 9gag, Twitter, Facebook and Twitch.

Over the years, a number of League of Legends memes have developed that are still known to this day.

In some cases, they’re not game-specific or even industry-specific, but come from the culture at large.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular League of Legends memes.

5 Best League of Legends Memes

It’s not a kill steal if you let the ADC die first.

This is the go-to meme for support players. In LoL, the ADC or attack-damage carry needs to fight in the safe lane while his support assists him in doing that.

But that is also where the oposing team will bring its ADC/support duo. And as you might imagine, fights break out all the time, as each of the two duos will attempt to prevent the other from farming efficiently.

In such moments, the support’s job is to keep the ADC alive.

And if the chance to kill an enemy arises, to let their teammate take the kill (or the last hit on the enemy champion) because the gold he would get for it might prove to be decisive in helping him snowball and take over the game.

Quite often, in this type of situation, the support player actually looks to save himself, let his carry die, and then steal the kill by landing the last hit on an enemy champion.

And that’s how the meme was born. If you KS (or kill steal) while your ADC is alive, you’ll often get accused of KS-ing. But if you let them die, there’s no one left to complain.

What normal people see / What I see

This meme is often used in relation to real life, by a LoL player who wants to show other LoL players how he views an aspect of reality when wearing the glasses of his LoL experience.

Where other people see reality in just one way, LoL players see it in light of the symbols and elements of their game.

So, for example, the little man depicted on the traffic lights looks similar to one of the Summoner spells. More precisely, the one called Ghost.

This spell allows you to move through units at higher speeds than normal for 10 seconds.

There are many examples like this and they often lead to the creation of memes of this type: what normal people see / what I see.

No Skill, No Brain, Yasuo Main

This meme and others that follow the same pattern are often used by opponents who get crushed by a midlaner, either in the 1v1 matchup or throughout the game.

This meme is a way of saying that someone is abusing or spamming a champion that’s currently overpowered in the meta and requires little to no skill to play at a very high level.

Of course, it’s not true that champions require no skill to play well.

Even the most basic champion has numerous micromechanics and unique characteristics that require hundreds of games to master. But people still complain about the spamming of particular champions, especially when they know how difficult it is to play against them.

After losing a lot of points to Yasuo or any other strong midlaner, the sight of this champion in the enemy team gives you an unpleasant feeling.

You anticipate right away that things might go the way they’ve gone before and this prompts some players to use the famous meme: no skill, no brain, INSERT_CHAMPION_HERE Main.

And by “main” people actually refer to someone’s go-to champion or a character they play often and like to spam in games.

Washing my hands

This is a reference to the famous meme that shows two people who meet for the first time and one says something about himself. The other is then displayed in another image washing his hands with soap.

Example: “I play Akali mid in every game.” (said while shaking hands). And the other person finds this so disgusting that they need to wash their hands afterward.

When you see people using replies like this, it means the same thing: they find something that you’re doing or a characteristic of yours to be unpleasant, even if they often mean it in a humorous way.

OP, Please Nerf

This is a standard complaint that you’ll hear all the time in relation to certain champions. And what players mean by it is that some of them are overpowered and should be made weaker by the developers from Riot Games.

More often than not, this phrase is used in a funny manner. But sometimes players mean it and they really are unhappy with how powerful a certain champion has become after a patch in which they got buffed.

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