League of Legends Community – What You Need To Know

The League of Legends community is quite large and diverse, simply because the game is played by over 80 million people.

Many others are probably still watching professional tournaments even if they no longer compete. But in spite of this diversity, there are at least five things that unite LoL players under one banner.


Memes are an essential part of any gaming community and League of Legends is no exception. If you don’t know what memes are in 2020, here’s a brief introduction.

Memes are cultural patterns that get passed from one individual to another, usually a collection of jokes that circulate within a community.

This allows its members to better communicate with each other and have their secret code.

When something happens, someone may use a catchphrase that directs other people’s minds to a meme.

This makes the whole situation funny or more interesting. In that regard, memes are a way of dressing the mundane in fancy clothing.

When you join the League of Legends community, the first thing you’ll start to pick up is memes.


Flaming is the act of roasting someone for playing bad. If your team loses the game because of your mistakes, you will generally get flamed.

In fact, even if it wins but you’ve made some seriously bad moves, you will probably get flamed and reported.

Flaming is inescapable in gaming. Young players are impulsive and want to win at any cost, and when they put their minds and hearts into the game, having someone else ruin everything is painful.

Subsequently, you often see people spamming angry comments in chat. This can range from simple things like “l2p” or “noob,” to horrible things I won’t mention here.

League of Legends is built around a very young community of gamers and they rarely behave like adults. In fact, even adults rarely behave like adults when playing competitive video games.

Outside the game, most people are cheerful, but when the game begins, the League of Legends community goes crazy.

One thing that you can do if flamers annoy you is to mute them. In League of Legends, you can simply mute people and you’ll no longer see what they write. However, this is a double-edged sword.

Because it’s a team game, LoL requires players to synchronize with each other and cooperate to achieve certain goals. This cannot be done in the total absence of communication.

A Hate for Cheaters

Nobody likes the feeling of being cheated. The game should be fair and it is fair, except when people start using scripts and other ways of gaining an unfair advantage.

If you get caught cheating, you get banned. And players will definitely report you for doing stuff that’s obviously against the rules.

A Love for LoL

League of Legends players totally love the game. The higher you climb on the ladder, the more passionate people you’ll meet.

Just like with other sophisticated competitive games, it takes a long time to master LoL, but you’ll acquire hundreds of memorable experiences.

The server is a battlefront and the comrades you meet are in for many of the same reasons that brought you there as well.

Anything you spend years of your life on is guaranteed to become a kind of companion. If anything goes wrong in the outside world, it’s a simulator in which you can enter and find excitement for your life.

It’s a refuge. It’s a comfort zone. And unlike alcohol or other vices, it doesn’t harm you. It does become a problem if you end up doing it all day, but it’s still a relatively benign addiction.

A Rivalry with the Dota 2 Community

League of Legends and Dota 2 are both derived from the same community game mode that originated in Warcraft 3. Some of the people who were closely related to that mode went on to build League of Legends. Others went on to build Dota 2.

And since both of these games have become hugely successful esports titles, it’s only natural that their communities are in a state of rivalry. much like the fans of basketball teams or other sports.

If you think that Messi is the best football (soccer) player in the world, you’ll definitely have a quarrel with someone who thinks that Cristiano Ronaldo is the better player.


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