Top Free Fortnite Skins In 2021 – Do You Know These?

Do you know what are the top free Fortnite skins?

Well, at least you know skins are one of the best things about Fortnite. When the Item Shop changes, everyone rushes to see what skins have dropped.

Whether it is a new skin developed by Epic or one that has been in rotation for a while, players are always looking to spice up their inventory with new skins.

With that being said, skins can be expensive.

Thankfully for us (and our bank accounts), Epic games have blessed our inventory with some free skins. I am here to break down some of the best free skins Epic Games has released.

Top Free Fortnite Skins

Wooly Warrior – Winterfest

Remember during Winterfest there was one gift that just wasn’t quite ready to be opened yet? Even though we clicked on it every day, we were unable to tear the wrapping paper off of that gift.

Finally, Fortniters were able to shake and open the gift that didn’t want to be opened and it was the Wooly Warrior! While it’s not the most flamboyant skin in Fortnite, it can serve a purpose.

The Wooly Warrior is not a bulky skin, meaning it won’t take up much of your screen when aiming down sights. Overall, the Wooly Warrior is one of the best presents Fortnite has given us.

Lt. Evergreen – Winterfest

Another free skin thanks to Winterfest, Lt. Evergreen was accessible by shaking the Christmas Tree during the holiday season.

Jonesy is the face of default skins and he is also the face of many other skins. This time, you can play with Jonesey decked out as a Christmas Tree.

It’s a pretty sweet present and was popular when first revealed by Epic.

Unfortunately, Lt. Evergreen and Wooly Warrior were the only true free skins released by Epic Games. However, there were free skins released that required a purchase of some sort.

So while the skins listed below are added to your inventory, it is thanks to a previous purchase made.

Galaxy Skin – Samsung

The Galaxy Skin may be one of the coolest skins in Fortnite, but it comes with a hefty price tag. To unlock the Galaxy Skin, one must purchase a Note 9 or Tab S4.

Once pre-ordered, you could decide on 15,000 VBucks and the Galaxy Skin or Headphones as a promotional offer.

If you were looking for a new phone or tablet, this may have been an option. However, the skin was locked behind pre-ordering an expensive device.

Eon Skin – Xbox One S Bundle

If you were looking to make an Xbox purchase, or upgrade your old console then the One S bundle may have enticed you.

Microsoft and Epic Games teamed up for the One S bundle. In the bundle, users were given v-bucks, a skin, pickaxe, and glider.

The Eon skin looks futuristic. The robotic skin was a hit among Xbox users, but it was unfortunately tied to a purchase of a new console.

Double Helix Bundle – Nintendo Switch

The Switch was one of the most talked-about gaming devices in recent years. Of course, they would get in on the Fortnite skin bundle.

When purchasing a Nintendo Switch, the Double Helix Bundle featured 1,000 VBucks, the Double Helix outfit, as well as a pickaxe and Back Bling.

Fortnite players looking to purchase a Switch knew this was a no-brainer, as many players would not have this skin.

Carbon Pack – PlayStation Plus

The newest skin available from Sony to its Fortnite users the Carbon Pack features a skin and Back Bling for PS+ subscribers. Meaning if you pay for a PS+ subscription throughout the year, then you are eligible to redeem this skin.

Celebration Pack – PlayStation Plus 

The second of three packs delivered by Sony, the Celebration Pack featured the Prodigy Outfit and Tabulator Back Bling. What is cool about the Tabulator Back Bling is that it is reactive.

When you get an elimination in the game, the Tabulator will display how many elims you have at the current moment. It’s a small detail but cool addition to the Back Bling.

Blue Striker and Blue Team Leader – Playstation Plus

The first-ever skins released by Sony and Playstation, the Blue Striker and Blue Team Leader were some players’ first skin. It’s a simple skin and helped change the aesthetic of the game.

When in lobbies, you could tell who had PS+ based on who was wearing this skin. It was an epic surprise by Sony to release skins through Playstation Plus for their subscribers.

PlayStation users are always on the lookout for the newest drop from Sony.

Trailblazer – Twitch Prime

Amazon and Twitch were two companies that helped Fortnite get off the ground. Twitch allowed Twitch Prime users to subscribe to their favorite streamers, all you needed was an Amazon Prime account.

Twitch released the Trailblazer skin, which also came with a Back Bling and emote. It’s another basic skin but cool for players who did not have PS+ to get their first skin as well.

Havoc and Sub Commander – Twitch Prime

The first Twitch Prime pack included 2 skins, Havoc and Sub Commander. It also featured a glider and emotes.

Fortnite is a battleground and it’s evident that Twitch tried to replicate that with their first-ever released skins.

This skin was free to all Twitch Prime users and received heavy use once released by Amazon/Twitch.

As it stands, Epic Games has been generous with Back Blings, gliders, pickaxes and emotes, but not on skins.

It makes sense as skins are one of their biggest money-earners and they don’t want to give away their highest-earning cosmetic item for free.

To be fair, if you purchase the Battle Pass and complete enough missions, you will get the Battle Pass for free next season.

A one-time purchase (and dedication to the game) can help players earn tons of cosmetics for the rest of their Fortnite playing days.

Do you like the top free skins Fortnite has released?

I think Winterfest was just a peek into the generosity of Epic Games and I think more events will come down the road that allows players to earn free skins.


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