Fortnite Earnings: Who Earned the Most in 2019?

Fortnite earnings are higher than ever.

That has changed the way people look at eSports. From their lucrative prize pools to their weekly cash cups and tournaments, Epic Games has put Fortnite on the map.

With all of this money flying around, competitive players are reaping the benefits.

Listed below are some of the top Fortnite earners, based on tournament winnings. Did your favorite player make the list?

Highest Fortnite Earnings


Bugha pummeled the opposition during the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. The relatively unknown streamer and competitive player (at the time) took the world by storm thanks to winning the World Cup.

Placing first overall helped solidify Bugha as one of the best players in the world, as well as becoming one of the top earners in Fortnite.

Bugha found himself winning moderate prizes, like $12,000 for a 2nd place finish at the Champion Series. But his performance at the World Cup helped Bugha bring in a cool $3,000,000.

His solo performance accounted for 97.94% of his total prize money earned. Overall, in 2019 Bugha racked up the solo victories as well as bringing in $3,061,716.67. Not too shabby for the 16-year-old.


psalm has dipped his toes into the competitive eSports scene since 2015. That year, he brought in $450 playing Heroes of the Storm. Throughout his competitive career, psalm would bring in the dough from Heroes of the Storm, but switching over to Fortnite in 2018 was one of the best moves psalm could have made financially.

While psalm has just 1 first-place finish under his belt (Luxe Cup – NA West) he has been steadily bringing in the cash and placing well in tournaments. 2019 was no different.

It was a banner year for psalm, as he finished the year with $1,819,300.00 in earnings. The majority of his earnings (in 2019) came from his second-place finish at the World Cup.

Look for psalm to continue his growth as he continues to be a successful competitive player in the Fortnite scene.


You may not know Aqua, but you should. Aqua (alongside teammate Nyhrox), brought home the Fortnite World Cup competing as a Duo.

From that tournament alone, Aqua hauled in a whopping $1,500,000 for being crowned World Cup champion.

Aqua also brought in some cash competing as a trio and solo, but the majority of his money came from his performance at the World Cup. Overall, Aqua finished 2019 $1,790,207.56 richer.


It’s only fitting that Nyhrox is next on this list. As mentioned above, Nyhrox brought home the Duos World Cup and $1,500,000 on top of that.

Nyhrox also found success in smaller European tournaments. With that being said, the majority of his earnings (99.13%) came from winning the Fortnite World Cup.

He ended 2019 with a total income of $1,509,516.20.


The 17-year-old from America, EpikWhale is yet another Fornite competitive player that brought in over one-million in competitive earnings in 2019.

2019 was huge for EpikWhale. We consistently saw him perform at the top of the leaderboards and standings in many tournaments throughout 2019. EpikWhale flexed his muscles with some high placements in Wednesday Wagers, Fortnite Champion Series, and the World Cup.

EpikWhale finished third in the World Cup, which brought in $1,200,000 alone. Add in his other prizes and EpikWhale ended 2019 with $1,297,366.67 in competitive earnings.


If you follow the European scene, you know of Rojo. His quick edits, timely maneuvers and game sense is mesmerizing to watch. Rojo finished second at the World Cup with his Duo.

From the World Cup, Rojo left New York $1,125,000 richer.

Rojo continues to be one of the top European players and his earnings are proof. Rojo finished the year off earning $1,174,873.33 in 2019.

It will be intriguing to see how Rojo continues to improve in the competitive scene.


The partner of Rojo during the World Cup, Wolfiez left New York finishing second at the World Cup for Duos.

Before finishing second at the World Cup, he and Rojo won Week 10 of the European Qualifiers which was just a glimpse into what this duo could achieve against the world’s best.

Wolfiez earned a cash prize of $1,125,000 thanks to his second-place finish at the World Cup and ended 2019 having won $1,140,026.67.


If 2018 was an appetizer for Kreo’s Fortnite career, 2019 was the entree. In 2018 alone, Kreo won over $100,000.

Fast forward a year later and Kreo is one of the highest earners in competitive Fortnite.

Kreo placed well at the World Cup, finishing in fourth place. He also proved his worth during the Trios Cash Cup and World Cup qualifiers. Overall, it was a successful year for Kreo in 2019 and one he can easily build on. Kreo earned $1,174,550 in 2019.


Another player that benefitted thanks to the World Cup, Ceice had a tremendous 2019 as a competitive player.

Not only did he win $50,000 from the Solo part of the World Cup, Ceice hauled in $900,000 from the Duos portion of the World Cup.

Ceice has proven time and time again that he can dominate as a solo or duo, which makes him fun to watch. In the end, 2019 saw Ceice rack in $1,098,550 from online and LAN competitions.


2019 was lucrative for kinG, to say the least. Multiple tournament championships all culminated in finishing 5th at the World Cup in Solos.

kinG has been one of the top players in South America and continues to be consistent in the competitive scene.

kinG’s name is appropriate, simply by looking at his earnings.

kinG earned $1,006,150 in competitive Fortnite in 2019 and will look to increase that number as competitive Fortnite continues to grow.

Do you these Fortnite earnings are high enough?
Let’s wait for what 2021s tournaments have to show.

**All Fortnite earnings figures are in USD**


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