Here Are The Top Dota 2 Streamers In The World [2021]

One of the things you’ll often find yourself doing while trying to master the game is watching the top Dota 2 streamers in real-time.

The way they make decisions, their thought process, and their attitude during a match will tell you a lot about what you can do to improve.

Here’s a list of the best Dota 2 streamers from whom you can learn.

AdmiralBulldog (Henrik Ahnberg)

AdmiralBulldog is an absolute legend in the Dota 2 community.

He made his reputation by winning The International 3 with Alliance, and then by being a very entertaining figure.

His ability to both play the game as well as keep audiences glued to their screens has helped him build a following of 650,000 people. That’s a huge amount for someone who hasn’t even played the game professionally in years.

As a Dota 2 player, AdmiralBulldog usually takes the role of the offlaner. He’s an expert in that role and his favorite heroes are Lone Druid, Nature’s Prophet and Broodmother. Whenever he plays one of these heroes, you are sure to learn something new as a viewer.

Because his decision-making is just on point. AdmiralBulldog is sometimes invited to events as an analyst or even as a caster. He’s had almost 10 such appearances so far, which makes perfect sense since he’s a TI winner and someone with a large following.

Wagamama (Niklas Högström)

Wagamama, or Waga as he’s often referred to, is another well-known figure in the Dota 2 community. He’s is also extremely versatile, being known simultaneously for being a streamer, a content creator, an analyst, and a pro player.

His esports career has been all over the place and he continues to activate in the Dota 2 community in all of these roles.

Waga is perhaps most famous for his Templar Assassin prowess, a hero he has thousands of games with. As a streamer, he’s not exactly entertaining but he’s not dull either. One thing about him is that he’s always calm and insightful, making in-depth analyses as he plays.

This can teach you a lot about the game and its various aspects.
Unlike AdmiralBulldog, Waga is not confined to a role. He can play whatever is needed and is one of the versatile players you will see. From his item builds to how he helps his team, all of his actions are well-planned and well-executed. In terms of his experience and MMR, he’s played well over 10,000 games and is competing at the Immortal level. So you’ll rarely see someone with better skills.

Waga has over 300,000 Twitch followers and he streams regularly. If you follow him on Twitch, you’ll get plenty of action to look at and learn from.

SingSing (WehSing Yuen)

SingSing is one of the most entertaining Dota 2 streamers and also one of the most experienced. He’s been streaming for many years and has over 500,000 Twitch followers.

SingSing’s style as a streamer is a mixture of many things. He can play in any position but he usually likes to perform as a midlaner or support.

In terms of his professional Dota 2 experience, SingSing used to be a pro player until around 2014 – 2015. His most important result was a 5th – 6th place at The International 2014 with Cloud9.

His main passion remains Dota 2, a game he understands better than any other. But you will see him quite often streaming other games too.

Arteezy (Artour Babaev)

Arteezy is probably the best Dota 2 player you will see streaming. He’s also one of the best carries and midlaners in the world. His performances for EG have earned him a massive following of 550,000 people and his games are always engaging.

In terms of his personality, he’s either relaxed or raging, but in a calm way. His attitude has made him the center of attention quite often and there are plenty of memes associated with his name.

Examples include Arteezy Babyrage and 2ez4rtz.
When he streams, Arteezy plays either carry or midlaner.

Technically, he is one of the most talented people you will see. So as a Dota 2 streamer, you should definitely follow him if you want to learn the secrets of someone who competes professionally at the highest level and has a highly optimized way of playing the game.

In his career as a Dota 2 player, Arteezy finished 3rd at The International 2014 and 2018. He’s sometimes jokingly referred to as someone who’s cursed to finish 3rd. His number of 3rd place results at Majors and other big events is quite staggering.

Dendi (Danil Ishutin)

I will end this list with someone who used to be and possibly still is the face of Dota.

Dendi won the first TI with Natus Vincere and instantly became a legend in the Dota 2 community. He had two other TI Grand Finals with Na’Vi and then slowly but surely went down with the ship if you will. Today, at the age of 30, he’s practically retired from professional gaming, even though he’s still competing for various CIS teams from time to time.

As a streamer, Dendi often streams in is own language, which is Ukrainian, so he’s not the ideal streamer for everyone. However, because he’s a legend of this esport, he can teach you a great amount if you’re a student of the game and just want to see someone of high caliber make decisions in real-time.

This is my personal list of the five most important Dota 2 streamers.

There are of course many others, including Black^, Cr1t, canceL^^ and so on. Depending on your preferences, some streamers will be more engaging than others. For some people, the most important thing is the person’s gaming ability.

For others, it might be a streamer’s choice of music. Regardless of preferences, this market will provide multiple solid options to choose from.


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