Best video games of 2022

In the epoch 2022, the diversity in the gaming industry peaks throughout the year. It will not be wronged to say that 2022 is the “Year of Games”. The covid-19 period faded away and the gaming stores were filled with 2022 video games. Now, this era (2022) is going to an end but we are blessed with the best (video) games of 2022. Guys, I am damn sure that you must relate to this ranking (Based on my opinions).

Best games 2022

The fun fact is that the games that amazed gamers need no introduction. The best video games of 2022 are listed below:

Elden Ring

 Eldon Ring’s success can be attributed in large part to the difficulty that it presents to gamers. The Japanese developers used their expertise to create a full-action, competitive game for gamers. Eldon Ring offers the tough time to players and enhances their ability to tackle the hard game times. This game is a dark fiction but quite a different video game made by FromSoftware and is one of the Best selling video games of 2022 in the US.

Best games of 2022 Elden Ring
Elden Ring – arguably one of the best games in 2022

 Elden Ring is a very vibrant and a little friendlier location to wander. The soundtrack establishes the mood, beginning with ominous chords before launching into raucous brass that evokes the grander experience that lies ahead. It is a reflection of the way the mighty create problems on the earth in order to maintain their hegemony. You are seen trudging across dungeons and dead cities.  You have been given the duty of becoming the Elden King who is supposed to mend the Elden Ring, and perhaps bring peace back onto the Earth. How was your experience with Elden Ring?

best video game of the year
Elden Ring is the biggest, best video game of the year?

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is an adventurous game set in 2022 that was created by “Game Freak” and released by “Nintendo” along with the Pokémon company itself. The story has undergone significant alteration in the most recent mainstream installments. Pokémon Legends Arceus puts players in an outdoor setting as it is an open-world game while maintaining the horror creature-catching motif. The many beasts can be found in distinct places with unique biodiversity.

Pokemon Legends - Arceus - Best video games of the year
Pokemon Legends Arceus

 Alpha Pokémon have been introduced, however, Shiny Pokémon are indeed available and now even simpler to obtain. Alphas are typically very significant rate and upgraded to the creature’s maximal magnitude. They are bigger and feature a red symbol, but they also have higher initial perceived exertion. When captured, they also lose their ruby eyes. Popularity has no doubts, but to me, this game demands a lot of dedication and tolerance. What do you guys think about it?

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Fun-action game, featuring a 2022 Lego concept, was created by “Traveller’s Tales”. The fun segments along with the diversity of missions contributed to my continued interest in the series. The 45 main plot levels consistently change things such that the game never becomes boring, even though they are never really as adventurous or innovative as last year. Once The War of NABOO momentarily transforms into a spectacular tower defense strategy and you happily launch a power ball to annihilate swarms of assault and armored vehicles. The Skywalker Saga offers you senseless destruction on a grand scale. However, it may also be more intellectual and intense, like when REY explores the “Temple Island mirror cave” and you skillfully manipulate her illusions to get out. Hence, it has so many features to let you fully entertained.

 Among the best (video) games of 2022, Lego Star Wars is one of my favorites due to its humor and proportioned settings. I am sure most of you will relate to me. Right?

Horizon Forbidden West

Its immensity and scope make Horizon Forbidden West intimidating at times. This feeling only intensifies when you explore its world, gather stuff to add to its enormous collection of weapons and armor, or discover a large number of its unique moves, talents, and passive bonuses from its vast, updated skill tree. However, despite its intimidating presence, Forbidden West frequently focuses on personalities and their tales; this strategy helps to reduce the magnitude into manageable pieces and gives your quest values that impact. The game is consistently entertaining not because Guerrilla Games crammed it with a ton of things to do, but due to a lot of that content being thoughtfully designed and even playing with the emotions, rather than just seeming fun.

Horizon Forbidden West - breathtaking gaming makes it a contender for game of 2022
Horizon Forbidden West – A worthy sequel

 It succeeded to make a huge profit and gained the title among the best games 2022. ALOY and her companions must contend with powerful storms, a mystery malady, and competing tribes when their hunt propels them into the perilous Forbidden West region. ALOY will traverse the Forbidden West’s varied habitats, unearth ancient ruins and artifacts, introduce fresh communities, and forge new alliances. With the aid of her companions and the plethora of different ordnance and gadgets she’ll acquire during the game, she’ll also encounter terrifying and lethal new technologies and develop new foes. It was the story line of the Horizon Forbidden West briefly described.

GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V)

The most famous among the best selling video games of 2022 is GTA V. You must have known about this game even if you are not a true fan of this game. Guys let’s dig into the storyline. Franklin, Michael, and Trevor are the three primary characters in the narrative. They all have distinctive personality qualities that frequently produce new competitors in the game. In this case, the gaming world is breathtaking, huge, and incredibly varied.  A big parody of modern southern California, equipped with hills, beaches, posh stores, business districts, and the natural environment which makes it one of the best (video) games of 2022. You may contrast the amazing with the ludicrous, avarice with dishonesty. This has resulted in unprecedented levels of diversity and intensity for the missions. Furthermore, when not engaged in a quest, the three leading characters of Grand Theft Auto V are capable to indulge in a little voyeurism. Do you enjoy playing this game? I think you must.

GTA V online is the best game of 2022?
GTA V Online – Never ending carnage and fun?


The games listed above, under the category of best (video) games of 2022 ruled this year with high-level sales and popularity. To me, each of them is worth buying and each has different yet amazing specs to take you into a different world. The discussion must excite you to go for them and play them for ultimate fun. These games are ranked according to the best-selling throughout the year. If you are playing some specific game and find it the best one, let us know in the comment section. Your opinions matter the most.

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