“The Good Place” Creator Ranks Mario Kart 8 Courses

One of the most respected personalities in television is Michael Schur, who has created The Good Place. However, it is interesting to wonder what Nintendo fans would think about Mario Kart’s ideas.

The most curious and unsuspected places on the Internet usually provide the best speeches about any video game. Here we can mention Michael Schur as the creator of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place.

An interesting idea is a Mario Kart 8 with a list of levels of the tracks created by Michael Schur. This is something that already happened, so the answers are somewhat irrelevant.

This personality analyzed the Mario Kart 8 tracks and provided a “definitive” rating. He used his Twitter account with the pseudonym “Ken Tremendous” for this purpose.

We must consider the context to determine whether it is worth the result. He probably achieved his goal when he indicates that “I don’t want to be hyperbolic, but this list is a war crime”.

Including a total of 6 levels, a score of 10 was awarded to each subject within the level list.

The number of players here is largely due to the wide variety of tracks that can be judged. That is why the debate started instantly. Even today, this game enjoys a high level of sales.

The discussion became somewhat serious on the Greek forum vroom vroom. Here players came from all over because of the high ranking of Yoshi’s track or because of Cheep Cheep Beach and its low placement.

Michael Schur tried to generate some discord among the different players and fans of Mario Kart 8 and other video games with the statement: “Our team used the standard Latherby-Norgham 10pt scale”.

As if that wasn’t enough he also added the following: “These are definitive, so don’t bother arguing.”

His conclusion was widely repeated by the same beyond replication.

Within the culture of the video game world, this discussion went to the very core of the classic essence. Fortunately, the different opinions and the discussion, in general, are not based on rankings of Mario Kart racers to define who is the best.

To this day it is difficult to know what components make any Mario Kart track truly exceptional. Perhaps it’s due to the genius design of any track or the placement of clever objects. Perhaps it can also do the look of a track or the length of a track.

The visual appeal of the tracks has to be the most important thing when it comes to ranking players’ favorite tracks.

However, this isn’t implemented and players only base their opinions of tracks on personal preferences. And that is why Schur can have a laugh and get away with it. The aspects are so varied that it is not possible to get a universal or definitive ranking. Of course, there are also special cases when we talk about this game and its more difficult clues.

Enjoying the personality and the mind that Jeremy Bearimy created may be the best option in this case. This is not something serious, as it is only one opinion among thousands of opinions about it. Anyway, a great punishable offense is to place Neo Bowser City in tier 5.

Although this is not something we can decide, it is up to the courts.

Marco Morales
Marco Morales
Esports Marketer. Marco is the Founder of DFY Gaming. He types for a living but writes awfully on pen and paper.

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