Everything About The Rick & Morty x Animal Crossing Crossover

As lockdowns were established all over the globe last year, many gamers found comfort in Nintendo’s well-known life sim series, Animal Crossing. “New Horizons” launched last March and gained a lot of traction from players who wanted to experience a relaxing virtual life.

This popularity brought a lot of attention from the general public. This is why many started basing projects on the game, like the short film “Don’t Peek”. But nobody expected adult swim’s Rick and Morty to jump on this train.

So we were all surprised on March 20, 2021, one year after Animal Crossing was released, when adult swim’s Youtube channel uploaded a video named Rick and Morty Crossing.

In this short video, Rick Sanchez decides to use a reality travel device to teleport himself and his grandson, Morty, on the New Horizons island. Morty barely manages to grab his axe, before he ends up on the island along with his grandpa.

Throughout the rest of the video, we see the two stars of Rick and Morty doing various tasks on the island. Morty builds his own tent, and digs a small hole, before getting stuck in it.

Rick, on the other hand, being the crazy scientist that he is, fishes and catches some purple crystals. He then goes on to construct a mech, that is powered by those crystals. But he also ends up destroying Morty’s beautiful tent while using the mech.

We can also see the two strolling through a path, while there are Mr. Meeseeks around, waving at them.

Towards the end of the video, Morty gets stung in the eye by a few bees, and the pair end up on a beach, while Morty is recovering from the sting and Rick is drinking a cocktail.

But, there’s a fairly dark ending on this video. During the last few seconds, we can see transitions from Rick and Morty on the island and back to their own reality. In their own reality, Rick is playing video games while Morty is laying on the couch, just like they are on the island.

However, in the background, there are tons of explosions and lots of chaos going on. This indicates the current situation due to the pandemic, which has brought chaos all over the world.

This small detail adds a realistic touch to the video.

But this isn’t the first Rick and Morty video game crossover. In fact, they had much bigger exposure, when they were part of a short advertisement for the Playstation 5 launch.

And another specifically advertising Death Stranding.

That ad included the voice actor for Rick and Morty, and the graphics that are used are the same ones from the series.

And while Rick and Morty Crossing use stop-motion graphics, we still believe that kyttenjanae did an amazing job with this one. She shared her thoughts about having worked for this project in particular on Instagram:

What are your favorite Rick & Morty collaborations?

We’ve got a lot of them in the last four seasons!

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